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Which Countries Did Millennials Choose As Best For Dating?

When you ask Google what a millennial is, it’ll say that a millennial is “a person reaching adulthood in the early 21st century.” They are, perhaps, the most adventurous and ambitious generation to date because they want what they do to matter, they love to travel, they have a knack for technology, and they want to experience living in different countries the world. Because of this, they have an extraordinary amount of dating options available. This is precisely why they were one of the focuses of a recent survey; the results of which was made into a list of countries which are best for dating.

Which Country Is The Best For Dating According To Millennials?

There were 16,200 participants from 60 countries. The questions and participants’ answers were categorized into 24 categories such as adventure, quality of life, cultural influence and so on. Here are the results of the survey:

What Survey Says

Based on what millennials answered in the survey, Brazil ranked as the number 1 country that’s best for dating. Millennials have given it the highest score as a country’s people are labelled as fun, friendly, sexy, trustworthy and approachable.

New Zealand, on the other hand, was ranked as the top country as the best for dating or meeting women. The country has been experiencing a “man drought”, for the lack of a better term, for some years. Statistics show that there are 91 men for every 100 women in the 25-49 age group.

Meanwhile, Italy is the country best for dating millennial men. That doesn’t come as a surprise because Italian men are known to be smooth with the ladies.

Asian Countries Are Not To Be Out Done

The Asian countries that made it on the list are Thailand, which made it to the top 10, Singapore and Japan, both in the top 20, and Turkey. Most of these places are on the list of Most Romantic Destinations in Asia also, and definitely, you cannot discount Asian countries as possible places to find love. There is no shortage of beautiful sceneries, there are plenty of romantic activities as well as cultural experiences in Asia, and you’ll definitely meet warm, welcoming and interesting individuals when you visit. All of these elements are what most millennials look for when they travel.

It’s possible that dating would be easier if there were a set of controlled factors, but the reality is dating is way more complicated. But, what these results tell us is that there are endless possibilities for us in the area of love if only we know where to look.

If you’re not into traveling, you can at least try online dating because there are endless possibilities through that dating platform as well. You can start with AsianDate. We hope that this post has been helpful and interesting. We have more posts for you to check out on our blog.