Best Places to Travel in Asia

When considering the best places to travel in Asia, you will quickly find yourself faced with quite a long list. That is because not only is Asia absolutely huge, but it’s also absolutely packed with countless exotic and exciting travel destinations! Allow us to offer just a few suggestions.

In China

What trip to China would be complete without a visit to the Great Wall? Once you’ve climbed its heights, hop on a train and head south to Guilin. There you can view the magnificent karst peaks as you wind down the Li River on a private boat tour.

In Thailand

It’s all about the beaches: white sand, clear skies, blue waters, and friendly people. Our friends at over at have put together a helpful list of the Top Ten Thailand Beach Destinations that may help you as you’re making your travel plans, but you should by no means limit yourselves to these ten alone, because there are plenty more, some even off the beaten track.

In Japan

Of course you’ll want to check out the exciting urban scenes of Tokyo and the historic flavor of Hokkaido, but once you’ve done that, venture to some of the country’s world-famous hot springs. The natural beauty and health benefits are sure to soothe your soul!

In South Korea

In Korea, there are certainly beautiful beaches along the coast as well as exciting nightlife in Seoul, but we suggest that you make time for the region of Jeonju, known around the country for its excellent cuisine.

Located in the beautiful Korean countryside with four national parks within driving distance, Jeonju is a wise choice for those ready to feast their eyes as well as their stomachs!

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