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Travel to Asia

Step one: find the woman of your dreams. Step two: meet her in person. Step three: travel to Asia. Love will open the doors to Asia. Travel to Asia to meet great people and beautiful landscapes, cities, and cultures.

If you’ve decided to travel to Asia, learning everything possible about the part of Asia you wish to visit most is a must. Discover the best parts to visit—the tropical beaches, the sparkling cities, even the lush, green forests. Where are you off to?

Traveling to Asia can open you to a new realm of possibilities with an almost endless list of things to do, not to mention meeting the great love of your life. Think of this blog as an Asian travel guide to guarantee yourself the most rewarding experience. Stop here to receive the many beautiful gifts Asia has to offer.

Honeymoon Tips You Need Know When Travelling To Asia | Asian Date

Honeymoon Tips You Need To Know When Traveling To Asia

Your honeymoon has to be exciting. You get to spend time with the person you love, and you get to see a lot of beautiful spots and go on different adventures, while you are in another country or city. Did you know that new experiences strengthen couple’s connection according to research? That’s probably why honeymoon is a must since you’ll get to experience a lot of firsts while on it. So, what kind of honeymoon tips do you need to make everything perfect?

Traveling To Asia? Here Are Honeymoon Tips You Need To Remember

Although going on a honeymoon sounds pleasant and stress-free, it may not be depending on how you’ve have been handling everything. You’d have to do the planning, searching and booking ahead of time if you want to have the best honeymoon. That sort of bursts your bubble, doesn’t it? But, these honeymoon tips should help you plan your honeymoon to Asia better:

Plan Your Duration & Budget

The first thing you do is to plan how long you’re going to be on your honeymoon. You also have to set a budget for your trip. Setting both the duration and the budget will help guide the rest of what you have planned.

Plan Your Destination Or Route

If you want to go backpacking all over Asia, then you can. You can make the most out of your travel when you backpack, but if it’s not what you had in mind, you can set your eyes on destinations and itineraries that are more on the posh side.

Don’t Book On Your Flight On The Morning After Your Wedding

Yes, you’re excited to go on your honeymoon but remember to avoid booking your flights the morning after your wedding. You might need to rest for a day or two after your wedding. You probably did a lot of planning and organizing during your wedding, so maybe you need a bit of a breather. What if you can’t wake up on time the morning after?

Pack Lite And Leave Your Valuables

Forget about bringing jewellery or any kind of valuable item when traveling to Asia. You won’t need it most of the time, and you’ll be focusing on going to the beach, exploring different spots and so on, so valuables are mostly unnecessary.

Planning your honeymoon should be a bonding experience for you and the love of your life. Remember that it is a special time, so why not live a little and splurge for dinner or a romantic activity. The sooner you plan things out, the better, but remember not to over think it – this is probably one of the best honeymoon tips on this post. Don’t forget to consider the weather when packing too. For more travel tips, check out the rest of our blog posts.

traveling to Asia AsianDate

Myths About Traveling To Asia You Should Never Believe

Everyone may agree with the statement saying that Asia is probably one of the most magical places you can visit. A lot of travelers go in and out of the continent every year, bringing home with them fantastic memories, picture-perfect moments captured on camera and unforgettable experiences that have changed their perspective on life. However, even though traveling to Asia sounds like a wonderful adventure, there are those that still buy into myths that are stopping them from planning a visit.

Myths About Traveling To Asia Debunked

You’ve probably been putting your trip off because you believe common myths about traveling to Asia on this list are true:

Asia is a dangerous place to visit.

If Asia was dangerous, you wouldn’t hear about several travelers’ amazing experiences through their personal websites or their social media accounts. You also probably wouldn’t see several pictures online about some of the most breath-taking Asian views. Besides, if a particular Asian country was dangerous, in the middle of war, or something to that effect, you can be sure that your local travel authorities would let you know.

Traveling to Asia can break your bank.

Who, in the world, says that going to Asia can break your bank? It could if you choose to be in first class all the way, but there are several options you can choose from – low-budget to mid-budget trip options. How do you think a lot of travel bloggers went to Asia? It’s not because they were treated to first class accommodation, that’s for sure. They did it backpacking. Some foods and accommodations can fit your budget. Just stay away from major hotels.

You need to learn the language first.

It’s true that there are certain countries that require a traveler or an immigrant worker to learn the language, first, before they can visit. But, there is no such requirement when you visit Asia. Maybe if you are planning to work in Japan or Korea, a company may need you to learn the basics of their native language, but travelers don’t have to take a class or undergo language training of any sort.

So, those are the most common myths about Asia that may be stopping you from planning a trip. Now that you know they aren’t true, is there anything else that’s hindering you from paying Asia a visit? For more travel tips, you can check out more posts from the blog. You can also visit AsianDate to meet lovely ladies who may be interested in being your guide to Asia.

affordable Asian destinations AsianDate

Affordable Asian Destinations You Need To Visit

Most of the time, people choose not to travel because they feel like doing so is expensive. It’s true that there are destinations where you would need a good amount of cash to visit, but there are those that more wallet-friendly. Backpackers call these “bargain destinations”, and today we are going to introduce you to those affordable Asian destinations.

Affordable Asian Destinations That Should Be On Your List

You will find a whole slew of these kinds of destinations in Asia. You won’t have to save much to see the beautiful sites, to experience the culture, to partake of the delicacies, and to mingle with the locals in the following affordable Asian destinations:

Pokhara, Nepal

Asian Bargain Destinations You Need To Visit - Pokhara

Pokhara in Nepal is a laid-back city that you can recharge in.

The first of the many affordable Asian destinations on this list is Pokhara, Nepal. It is the second largest city in Nepal. If you’re already in Kathmandu, the capital, you can recharge your batteries in Pokhara which is about 120 miles away. The atmosphere in this city is laid-back. You’ll have a clear view of the snow-capped mountains when you visit Phewa lake.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Asian Bargain Destinations You Need To Visit - Chian Mai

Chiang Mai is a city with so much cultural significance.

If you do visit Chiang Mai, you’ll be visiting the most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand. Just like Pokhara, people come to Chiang Mai if they’ve already had enough of the busyness of Bangkok. You’ll have easy access to different Buddhist temples. There are about 300 of them in Chiang Mai. On top of that, rain-forest reserves, waterfalls, forests, and hot springs are just a motorcycle ride away.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Visit - Hanoi

Hanoi is a Vietnamese city with French influences.

Interestingly, Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. It has traces of French influences because, from 1902 to 1954, Hanoi served as the capital of French Indochina. Today, the city is well developed, but if you take a closer look, you will see remnants of its rich history in the backstreets. A lot of travelers like Hanoi because it’s one of the cities in Vietnam where you can experience luxury at a lesser price.

Goa, India

Places in Asia You Need To Visit - Goa

Goa India is popular for its beaches.

Generally, if you stir clear of the major cities in India, you’ll find a lot of spots that can be considered as bargain destinations. Goa is one of them. Travelers go there for the beaches, the cultural experience, and its scenery. You may also love the markets and the spice farms in Goa.

If you do your own research, you’ll find that there are more Asian cities that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to visit. For more Asian travel tips, check out more posts from our blog. You can also visit to meet pretty Asian ladies you can talk to about other affordable Asian destinations.




There's something for all types of daredevils in Asia.

Hold Your Breath: Crazy Activities For Real Daredevils In Asia

Even though there is no denying that Asia offers some amazing opportunities for rest and relaxation, it is not all about ancient temples, perfect massages and exotic cocktails by the beach. There are also a number of exciting opportunities for real daredevils in Asia.

Daredevils in Asia Love To Indulge In These Super-Exciting Activities

What is so attractive to daredevils in Asia? It has to be the perfect combination of the wild, unspoiled natural backdrop as they indulge in some of the wildest, most dangerous adventures. If you are one of those people who get their kicks out of risking life and limb and also enjoy visiting exotic destinations, this article is an absolute must-read.

Bungee Jumping in Macau, China

If jumping off a tall tower into the void is your idea of fun, you will definitely find the world’s highest commercial bungee jump (at a breath-taking 233m) an irresistible challenge. This is how tall the Macau Tower is, but if you’re used to jumping off bridges with the calming sight of water underneath, you will find this experience quite different. You see, in the case of Macau Tower there nothing but concrete (and a specially designed airbag on which to land) waiting for you as you jump. Of course, the urban allure of the neon skyline of Macau will make this experience quite indelible for daredevils in Asia.

Diving and Snorkelling in Palawan, Philippines

If you love water and exploring the natural treasures lying in the bottom of the sea, Palawan Island in the Philippines is an ideal destination. With their pristine waters and rich underwater life, like coral reefs and all sorts of exotic fish, it’s no wonder places like El Nido and Coron are so popular among daring snorkelers the world over.

Trekking To Mount Everest Base Camp, in Nepal          

And finally, for those who prefer the cool air of mountains and the unique sense of freedom they provide visitors, there is no mountain destination more well-known than the legendary Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain at 8,848m above sea level.

If climbing is not your thing, you can actually trek it to the Southern Everest Base Camp at the awe-inspiring height of 5,364m. This is a perfect alternative to just climbing the mountain, as it offers trekkers wonderful insight into the local culture as well as the all-important mountain views that visitors can’t get enough of.

So, whatever their activity of preference, adrenaline-junkies will find the perfect chance to have fun here. It’s no exaggeration to say there is something for all kinds of daredevils in Asia.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this. If you’re dreaming of visiting Asia, there are more articles about it on our blog. For the chance to meet Asian ladies who will fascinate you as much as their place of origin’s beauty, visit AsianDate today. You can also visit our YouTube channel for more.