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The Most Spectacular Christmas Wonderland In Asia

Since we are in the holiday season Christmas bazaars and fairs are expected to pop up everywhere. But there’s one annual Christmas fair that tops all of the Asian bazaars and fairs you’ve ever been to. We’re talking about Christmas Wonderland, which you can experience when you visit Singapore during Christmas season.

Walking In A Christmas Wonderland In Singapore

The Christmas Wonderland is no doubt the biggest Christmas event in Singapore. It’s so spectacular that visitors from all over the world schedule trips to the country just to experience this annual event. It started three years ago and this year the organizers say that it will span over 57,000 square meters.

There will be four main areas:

  • Luminarie light sculptures – which begins at the Golden Garden
  • Festive Market – located at the Supertree Grove
  • The Fairground – which is the Ice Palace
  • Hi-5 Funtastic House – which is in The Meadow
This was last year’s Luminarie design. / Source:

What To Expect From This Christmas Wonderland

Aside from the different attractions mentioned, you’ll get to experience Christmas markets where you can eat or go shopping for various items. There’s also the Fairground where you can go on rides, play fair games and maybe even win prizes. There will also be theatrical and choral performances, parades and music sessions to keep the Christmas spirit up.

The official Christmas Wonderland website has an itemized program which you can access here. You’ll be able to see specific performances, dates and specific spots these performances are happening in. It’s detailed so take note of the performances you’re interested to see.

The Spectacular Luminarie Light Sculptures

The main attraction most people are looking forward to is the Luminarie. This attraction is nothing less than amazing. The light sculpture last year looked like a beautiful stadium that was built from lights.

The Most Spectacular Christmas Wonderland In Asia

This year, Christmas Wonderland will show off light sculptures with designs that are reminiscent of the medieval age. There will be as many as 69 sculptures will be positioned within the Supertree Grove and the Dragonfly Bridge.

Christmas Wonderland is going to be bigger than ever, it seems like. The fair has already started, and it will end on New Year’s day. Are you interested to see the Luimarie lights yourself? You should probably plan to go next year. For more updates about the Asian culture, do check out other posts on our blog.