Tips for Traveling in Asia, No Matter Where You Are

Ahmedabad. Beijing. Chennai. Dhaka.

Asia’s the world’s largest continent, and there are literally dozens of cities that you could vacation in for weeks at a time, each. It goes without saying that your experiences traveling in Asia in any of these places will vary widely, and some cultures differ so greatly that you wouldn’t even know they were on the same continent.

All that said, there’s certain advice that we can confidently give you for your travels in Asia, no matter your precise location. Here’s how to make any trip eastward a relaxing vacation and stimulating adventure, all at once.

Stay in a nice hotel


The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul, South Korea

We know, we know: you’re an adventurer. Back in your younger days you and the boys used to stay in some pretty run-down accommodations during your great adventures. But you’re a grown up now, so it’s time to travel in style. Any Asian city you’re likely to visit will have luxury hotels looking to cater to international travelers like you. It’s also always a plus to have a reliable concierge on your side.

Eat street food


Street food in Hong Kong

This is the best way to get an authentic experience wherever you’re staying. You can eat at fancy restaurants if that’s you’re thing, but you’ll be more than satisfied munching on local delicacies on the side of a busy street. Many Asian countries are known for having delicious and unique street food, so take advantage. No reservations required, and it will be one hundred times less expensive than an upscale restaurant—literally.

Disconnect from social media…


The Temples of Shedagon, Yangon, Myanmar

Get offline. No email, no Facebook, no Twitter. Trust us. Sparing yourself the stress that comes from work-related worries will be a gift just as luxurious as anything you can buy in a fancy boutique.

…But don’t ditch your phone

Trover users post photos and reviews of travel destinations.

There are dozens of travel apps that will  make your life easier on the road, show you the coolest spots, or help you meet up with other travelers.

Talk to locals


Taxi drivers can give you the scoop on where locals go.

Naturally, there are some things that an app can never tell you. If you wanna know where the locals go, you’re gonna have to ask them yourself. Cab drivers, street vendors and the dude sitting next to you at the bar will all be happy to give you the lowdown on the best their city has to offer. And who knows, you might make a new foreign friend in the process.

Be open to whatever


You may be the type of guy who likes to have everything planned in advance, and that’s fine. Establish a things of list you really want to do ahead of time, but after that? The world is your oyster when traveling in Asia. All the tips above will lead you to a vacation that simply can’t be found with a quick Google search.

Who knows where your trip will take you?