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Dating Tips and News

Are you ready to meet the most beautiful, interesting, and intelligent women in the world? Using this blog you get all the dating tips and news to make sure your search for the right woman is conducted in the proper way.

Receive dating news as well as dating Asian women tips. The best part is you’ll be in a league of your own with impressing Asian women. Now is the perfect time to fall in love and share your heart with the perfect woman for you.

Use our dating tips and news to make your life better than you ever imagined. Start your journey today with the help of AsianDate tips and news. We want to see you succeed on your journey of love and we’re here to make it happen.

Modern Gentleman | Asian Date

You Can Call Yourself A Modern Gentleman If You Are Doing This

You would think that it’s easy to be a modern gentleman when approaching the ladies online or offline. Well, of course, you always have to be polite and not send your potential dates mixed messages. However, today, it requires more.

Becoming A Modern Gentleman Also Means That You Have To Be Considerate

Just because you are not sending your potential date anything offensive like tacky pickup lines or inappropriate photos, it doesn’t mean that you’re a modern gentleman. To call yourself so, you have to do the following:

1. Be Consistent

What do you have to be consistent about? Everything. From how you speak to a potential date, to how you treat potential matches, you have to be consistent.

2. Give Your Potential Dates Your Full Attention

A modern gentleman is not distracted by other things while he is with his date. He is not on his phone. In fact, he doesn’t check his phone at all. He is also not distracted by other people. His date has his full and undivided attention.

3. Ladies First

The “ladies first” concept has to be in your mind all the time. For example, if it’s time to go home after your date, don’t take the taxi first. Allow her to take the taxi before you.

4. Ghosting or Clinging Is Out Of The Picture

If you’ve lost interest in your date, it’s best to tell her upfront instead of ghosting her. On the other hand, if you have fallen quickly, don’t be too demanding of her time and attention.

Being a real modern gentleman is not hard to do. In most cases, you just have to rely on your common sense. Your date will appreciate you for it, and you will have the best chance at a next date. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.

This Is The Dating Trait You Need To Have To Be A Keeper | Asian Date

This Is The Dating Trait You Need To Have To Be A Keeper

We often wonder what it takes to be a good date. Of course, the basics are mandatory. You have to be kind, considerate, be polite, and behave accordingly. However, there’s one dating trait that will set you apart from everybody else. This trait will make your date think you are a keeper.

You’ll Be Surprised At How Simple This Dating  Trait Is

We are faced with so many everyday situations where we are required to make decisions. At the end of the day, we are mentally exhausted. We don’t want to think about anything else anymore. We’d rather simplify things at the end of the day. When it comes to dating, we are hoping for the same. Most of us wish that we only had to look for one dating trait for us to know if the person is a keeper. The good news is that is actually true, we only have to see if the person is genuinely curious.

Why Curiosity?

Of all the dating traits we have on our list, why do we have to watch out for curiosity above all? Well, think about it. When a person is naturally curious about people, this will drive him or her to ask questions to you. Of course, you’ll answer in return. So, this creates a cycle of exchange that a lot of people appreciate. Through this cycle, communication and a deeper connection are established.

When it comes to being in a relationship with a curious person, he or she will always ask, “What do you need?” or “What’s up with you today?” Compare that when you are with someone who isn’t curious at all. You’ll likely observe:

  1. That the person doesn’t care too much about knowing how you function.
  2. That the person is progressing slowly because he or she also doesn’t care about knowing him or herself.
  3. Their lack of insight will not be helping the relationship in reaching the same goal.

You never want to be with a person who doesn’t have the mentioned dating trait. By extension, you should also be more curious about the people you’re interested in. Start today, whether you are dating online or offline. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.

More Than A Friend | Asian Date

You’re More Than A Friend If You Spot These Signs

When you’re dating a person you’re really attracted to, you’re naturally going to want to be in a relationship with that person ASAP. Of course, this won’t happen right away because your date needs to gauge you out. But, the worst that can happen is when your date doesn’t like you romantically. How can you tell if he or she likes you as more than a friend?

More Than A Friend And A Suitable Romantic Partner

We have all gone through situations in our dating lives when we get mixed signals from people. Is your date interested in your romantically? Or, does your date only see you as a friend? In any case, all of us have to practice awareness:

Frequent Calls

Whether you are dating online or offline, the first sign that you should watch out for is how frequently you talk to each other. When your calls or chats become more frequent, it’s a good sign. Oftentimes, your potential date is the last person you want to talk to right before you go to bed. Your potential date should be feeling the same way.

Frequent Mentions

During conversations, do you find yourself mentioning your date’s name? Does he or she frequently come up when you are talking with your friends? Then it’s a sign that you are thinking about your date every now and then. If your date does the same thing, then everything is good.

Unplanned Pet Names

Unconsciously, if you have pet names for each other, it’s a good sign. You could be reaching a point where you are more flirtatious. This is one step closer to your feelings blossoming into a full-blown romance.

You’ll know that you are more than a friend if you spot all of these signs. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to meet a couple of times first. If you’re sure, then you have to have “the talk”. Make sure that the timing is right for you to talk about making your relationship official. For more tips on dating, read other posts on the blog.


Expressing Love Differently | Asian Date

Will Your Relationship Work If You’re Expressing Love Differently?

With the people you date, have you ever noticed how they express their affection for you? Some may have been sweet through actions, while others are sweet through words. There are also those who express their love by spending time with you, and there are those who give you gifts. When it comes to expressing love, it’s manifested through different means.

Study How Your Partner Is Expressing Love

With the different ways of expressing love,  is it possible for a couple to succeed despite their differences? For example,  if you express love through gifts and your partner expresses love through time, would your relationship still work out?  The answer is yes as long as you study your partner’s love language carefully. Essentially, there are five love languages:

1. Words Of Affirmation

This love language involves expressing love verbally. If your partner is the type that always tells you that he or she loves you, then this could be his or her means of affection. What you can do is accept it and then reciprocate. You say sweet things back to your partner.

2. Gifts

Yes, there is a love language that involves gifts. These gifts don’t have to be expensive ones. As long as your partner sees that you are excited about the gift he or she gave, then it’s a good way to show that you are “returning the favor”.

3. Acts Of Service

If your partner speaks this kind of a love language, it means that he or she is helping you a lot. What you can do to show that you love your partner would be to allow him or her to help you. Of course, you have to say thank you or show your gratitude for the help.

4. Physical Touch

The partner whose love language is physical touch likes to hug, kiss, hold hands, and the like. To show that you also love your partner, you have to reciprocate through physical touch as well.

5. Quality Time

The best way that you can show love to your partner is by enjoying his or her company. If he or she asks for a date, you better clear up your schedule and enjoy the time you will be spending together.

Now that you know the basic ways a person expresses love, you have to identify your and your partner’s way. Is your love language more of an action? Does your partner’s way of expressing love involve physical touch? Never stop learning about each other. Remember that it will take the effort of both of you to make things last. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.