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Dating Tips and News

Are you ready to meet the most beautiful, interesting, and intelligent women in the world? Using this blog you get all the dating tips and news to make sure your search for the right woman is conducted in the proper way.

Receive dating news as well as dating Asian women tips. The best part is you’ll be in a league of your own with impressing Asian women. Now is the perfect time to fall in love and share your heart with the perfect woman for you.

Use our dating tips and news to make your life better than you ever imagined. Start your journey today with the help of AsianDate tips and news. We want to see you succeed on your journey of love and we’re here to make it happen.

online dating techniques AsianDate

Online Dating Techniques For The Newly Single

Are you recently single? If your answer is yes, you probably haven’t fully recovered from your break up yet. Don’t worry, though, because you’ll get to a point where you can focus all your energy on yourself and on more positive things in life. Right now, you’re probably still hurting, and that is OK. But, there is a way for you to speed your recovery up, and that is by learning different online dating techniques that can help you get back into the dating scene.

The Easiest Online Dating Techniques You’ll Learn

Of course, only you can tell if you’re ready to date again, but if you are, the following online dating techniques will help you find your dream date:

1. Sign Up To Both Dating Apps And Dating Sites

There are so many dating platform options in the market that many first-time online daters get overwhelmed just from picking a platform that’s right for them.

A good technique would be to NOT limit yourself to just one kind of platform. Sign up to both dating apps and dating sites so you can cast a wider net.

TIP: Choose the dating site or dating app that you feel most comfortable with, and AsianDate is a good place to start. You can sign up to different dating sites or apps too, and not just one.

2. Get A Feel First

Since you’ve just started online dating, it’s important that you do not dunk your entire body into the water. Maybe try submerging your feet first, and then slowly make your way up, until you submerge your head. Do you get what we mean?

In other words, you have to take baby steps until you get the hang of it. Research terms your not familiar with, look up the best dating tips for you to apply when building your profile and so on.

3. Meet Multiple Potential Dates

The next technique that you need to learn is to meet multiple potential dates. Be very careful when doing this because you don’t want women to think that you’ve led them on. Simply make it clear that your intentions are to get to know them better before you can actually date them online or in real life.

4. Make A Connection

When you’ve gotten to know the women you’ve been chatting with, it’s time to trim down your choices and concentrate more on the person you have the strongest connection with.

You have to give most of your time and attention to this person, so you have to really think about who this person is from among the women you’ve met online.

5. Make The Date Happen

After you’ve learned the first four online dating techniques, the next logical step would be to ask whoever you chose on an official first date – dress nice, meet the woman in person, have a great time in real life.

The online dating techniques on this list may sound easy, but you have to practice. Don’t worry, because you’ll eventually get the hang of it. The most important thing is that you are out of your slump despite the fact that you are recently single.

We hope that this has been helpful. For more posts about dating and online dating, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.

dating trends AsianDate

Be Ahead Of The Game By Knowing These Dating Trends

When we want to be in the know, about let’s say our career or the industry we are working in, we search for resources that we can learn from, or we attend seminars so we can stay updated. It is no different in the online dating world. What you knew about online dating then may not be applicable today because the means and dynamics for online dating have evolved into something more suitable for today’s generation. It continues to develop which is why there are new dating trends that are born every year.

What Are The Dating Trends Everyone Should Know About?

So what dating trends are we currently seeing in the online dating world? According to a survey which included responses from 5,509 single men and women, from 18 to 70+ years old, these are the new dating trends that we can observe:

  • The younger generation is more preoccupied with finding a date online than the older generation. Researchers have found that younger people tend to admit they feel that they may be “addicted” to online dating. A whopping 95% of millennials said so during the survey.
  • 40% of the single correspondents stated that they’ve dated someone they met online.
  • 42% of single contributors formulate first impressions with their date’s social media posts. The same percentage also says that they judge the photos they see on dating profiles.
  • 39% are sensitive about grammar on online dating profiles.
  • Surprisingly, a majority of male participants says that they like dating a feminist. Believe it or not, but 59% of single men say that feminism has changed the dating rules for the better.
  • Here’s another interesting result from the survey. Apparently, men like it when women initiate the first move – asking for the man’s number, going for the first kiss, being the first to call. Around 90% of the male participants agree to this.
  • Both men and woman participants agree that more traditional ways of connecting to a person can better indicate if love is, indeed, present. For example, 79% of the participants said that a serious relationship may blossom if one party has let his or her parents know about the person he or she is dating online.

What The Data Tells Us About Dating Today

To summarize everything, you should know that millennials are into online dating very much. This means that you’re going to encounter a lot of people under this generation when you date online. You have to understand how a millennial’s mind works if you want to succeed at dating one.

Next, you need to be careful with your online dating profile because it does help a person formulate their first impression about you. Lastly, modern women with modern views are taking center stage in the online dating world. But, the more traditional approaches still apply when things get serious.

It’s good to know all of these rules so you can stay ahead of the game called online dating. Do you agree with the trends that the survey has spotted? If you do, feel free to share this post on social media. We have more updates about dating on the blog. Don’t forget to visit AsianDate as well if you want to try dating lovely ladies from Asia online.

relationship patterns AsianDate

Spot A Divorce From A Mile Away With These Relationship Patterns

Divorce is a complicated process that no couple wants to go through. However, a married couple who has had chronic relationship problems might be better off getting the divorce instead of staying together in a union that’s gone beyond the level of toxic. Most couples usually ask themselves what they did to get to such a point in their relationship. They, most likely, did not notice that they were already exhibiting toxic relationship patterns at some point.

What Relationship Patterns Indicate Divorce?

Is there a way for you to tell if you already have some toxic relationship patterns that could end up in divorce? Yes, there is, and most of them are on this list. These behavior patterns are what you need to look out for:

Little To No Communication After A Fight Or Disagreement

The first typical behavioral pattern in couples that end up in divorce is the lack of communication. Whenever a fight or argument breaks out, the couple just leaves it as it is, without any discussions. The fight and anger die down on their own, but the real issues behind the fight or argument are left unresolved.


Because there was no communication post-fighting, assumptions replace reality. Couples who will likely end up in a divorce assume things because the cards aren’t exactly laid out on the table. One person in the relationship might have thought that everything is OK, but the other, in truth, still has resentments. More arguments can spring forth from making assumptions, so it’s not healthy for the relationship.

Enemy And Not A Partner

The last pattern that you should watch out for is if you are already seeing your partner as an enemy rather than someone you care for. The love could still be there, but it doesn’t overpower your annoyance. This is a big red flag you need to address as soon as possible.

Not Caring Anymore

Everything that happens in the relationship is, to you, insignificant. You don’t care if you fight, you don’t care if you make up, you don’t care about your partner’s happiness, or you don’t care about what your partner’s doing. You simply just do not care.

If you spot any of these relationship patterns, it means that you absolutely need professional help. You can prevent your divorce if you still want to, but you cannot do it without a professional. You would need an expert because you’ve already reached a certain negative point in your relationship. Can you spot some of the patterns on this list? We hope not.

For more relationship advice and dating updates, check out other posts on our blog. Don’t forget to visit AsianDate if you are ready to give online dating a try.

common phrases on a date AsianDate

Common Phrases On A Date And What They Really Mean

Understanding what a woman is driving at can be a tall order at the best of times, let alone when you barely know her. Luckily, there are some common phrases on a date that can be explained.

Decoding The Most Common Phrases On A Date

Whether because you hardly know them, or because in the beginning, most people tend to try and keep a facade, it takes a pro to really see behind those first phrases. Here are the most common phrases on a date explained:

When she says: “I like my loneliness sometimes.”, she means: “There will be days you might feel I’m blowing you off, but don’t take it personally and try to push me. I am a lonely person.”

When she says: “What did you do last weekend?”, she really means: “Are you boring? Are you an active person? Will I have a good time with you?”

When she says: “I really enjoy being on the social media”,  what she really wants to say is: “I will upload every single thing we do and stalk your account like mad. Be prepared to see our whole life exposed on Instagram and Facebook. Also, I’m an attention junkie.”

If she says: “I’ve had some interesting dates.”, in reality, she means: “I’ve been out with some weirdos in my life. I’m praying that you are different.”

Is she declares: “I’m different than the girls you have met before. I’ve been through a lot in my life.”, she simply means: “I am trying to impress you by sounding all experienced and wise. I may or may not have actually been through a lot- you will know in time. Do I have your attention?”

She says: “I’ve had a nice time. I’ll call you. “, she means: “I’m trying to avoid you calling me. Don’t expect me to call you.”

But if she tells you: “Next time we should go to that restaurant”, it is very good news, as she actually means: “I want to see you again. I am already trying to show you my interest by arranging another date with you.”

No two people and no two dates are the same. However, the ability to decode some common phrases on a date can make a huge difference to your communication with her.

If you are interested in reading more dating advice, click here. If you’d like to meet some interesting ladies and put this advice into practice, visit AsianDate. For the social media fans, you can also follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts.