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Asian Traditions

Asian traditions date back thousands of years, and are still valued and upheld by the local people today, especially women in the dating world. To enter the life of an Asian woman, you can show your dedication by learning about her traditions.

Traditions in Asia can vary greatly; that is what is so unique about this blog. Which Asian traditions are your favorite? Which traditions are your Asian woman’s favorite? Finding out which Asian traditions belong to which parts of the continent brings you even closer to unlocking the magical beautiful possibilities Asia has to offer.

Take the time to learn everything you can about traditions in Asian culture, and you will benefit in many ways, including impressing your favorite lady! Think of this blog as your entrance way to discovering Asia and everything (and everyone) it has to offer.

chinese mythology AsianDate

Chinese Mythology Has A Theory About Your Soulmate

When you think about a red string, you don’t really connect it to love. But, according to Chinese mythology, a red string has everything to do with you finding your soulmate. The legend says that when you were born, a red string was tied around your little finger.…

chinese traditions AsianDate

Strange Chinese Traditions You Should Know Before Going To China

Whenever you go to a different country, it’s always a good idea to do a bit of research about customs and traditions that will welcome you there. For most travelers, the common notion is this: if you’re already familiar with universal traditions, you will be good to go.…

chinese dating AsianDate

New Year’s Superstitions You Need To Know For Chinese Dating

It may be too early to say “Happy New Year” but here’s a piece of advice that you’ll appreciate knowing before the New Year arrives. Since you’re obviously into Chinese dating scene, there are superstitions that you should be aware of so you can:

  • Bring good luck upon yourself (if you are superstitious too).
What You Need To Know About The Chinese New Year | Asian Blog

What You Need To Know About The Chinese New Year

New Year has already passed, but in Asia, there are still certain countries that are waiting for their New Year to arrive. Yes, it’s what you are thinking. Some countries in Asia, like China, typically celebrate two New Years – one on Jan 1st and the other coming (this year) on January 28th.…