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New Year’s Superstitions You Need To Know For Chinese Dating

It may be too early to say “Happy New Year” but here’s a piece of advice that you’ll appreciate knowing before the New Year arrives. Since you’re obviously into Chinese dating scene, there are superstitions that you should be aware of so you can:

  • Bring good luck upon yourself (if you are superstitious too).
  • Impress your Chinese date with your knowledge of this aspect of her culture.
  • Understand the Chinese culture a little more.

New Year’s Superstitious Beliefs That Might Bring You Good Luck When Chinese Dating

New Year is a very important occasion for, not just for the Chinese but for most Asians. They believe that whatever you do during the first day of the New Year will determine how the rest of your year will be. Here’s a quick list of New Year superstitious beliefs that Chinese practice:

1. Be Positive

Let’s start with something easy to remember. Being positive may not seem like an extravagant superstitious practice, but remember that whatever you do during the first day of the year will follow you throughout.

So, if you’re happy and positive, the rest of your year will be the same. This means no arguing, no fighting, no crying, no sulking, no backbiting, and all kind of other bad behaviors.

2. Cook Noodles Or Spaghetti

Any menu with long noodles or pasta will be fitting to cook during the first day of the new year. The length of the noodles or pasta you serve, first, represents a period of your life. The longer the noodles or pasta, the better your health, and the further away you are from accidents.

Second, it symbolizes how long your luck will last in the new year. So, again, the longer, the better.

3. Wear Red

Red is the luckiest among the colors for the Chinese. Red traditionally symbolizes happiness and good fortune. If you’ve gone to any Chinese celebration, you’ll notice that the typical color for the decorations is red. The common color of clothing for those attending the festival is also red.

4. Skip Cutting your Hair

As a matter of fact, you should skip cutting your nails as well. Cutting your hair or your nails may mean that you are cutting off good luck from yourself.

How Will You Use These Information?

You can practice the superstitious beliefs on the list, or you can engage in a conversation with a beautiful Chinese woman telling her what you’ve learned about her culture.

Another great way to use this information is by putting them on your dating profile before New Year comes. For example, you can say something like:

“This year, I am going to wear red during New Year. It’s a lucky color in Chinese culture so maybe wearing it could bring me more luck in meeting my dream girl.”

It’s a conversation-starter that will make your dating profile more interesting. Do you want to try your luck with Asian ladies? Practice the beliefs you’ve just learned about during New Year, and then log in to AsianDate. For more news about the Asian culture, check out other interesting posts on our blog.