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Think of AsianDate blog as the number one destination for finding out everything you need to know about not only Asian women, but also as a window into their daily lives and the richness of Asian cultures. Let us be your primary source for Asian dating advice because our long personal experience has given us insight that we’re happy to share with you. Simply put, we know Asian women, their hopes, dreams, and desires. Gain access to the tools that will teach you about Asian culture and popular Asian destinations. You may even meet your future beloved Asian love! All of this and more can be found on the AsianDate blog.

How To Make A More Romantic Relationship | Asian Date

How To Make A More Romantic Relationship

After your honeymoon period, you have to make an effort to make a more romantic relationship. For the first year or for a few months of dating, the romance is going to be there naturally. After that you need to start making a conscious effort so that your romance won’t just wither away.

A More Romantic Relationship Is Just Around The Corner

Romance is defined as the feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. You cannot sustain this feeling continuously in your relationship, but you can always evoke it by doing the following:

1. Understanding Your Love Languages

Did you know that we have five basic love languages? Before you make an effort to make a more romantic relationship, you have to understand what your partner’s love language is. Both of you may not have the same idea of what romance or being romantic is.

2. Set The Mood

After identifying and understanding your partner’s love language, try setting the mood for love. Don’t just stick to your usual routine everyday. If you want more romance, set up a candlelight, make a home made dinner. Or, give your significant other a massage as soon as he or she gets home.

3. Fun Date Nights

Have fun! Most couples forget to have fun while they are spending time together. They resort to eating out in a restaurant during date night. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course. But, you have to change things up and make them more lively. Do something that both of you actually enjoy.

4. Focus On Emotional Intimacy To Make A More Romantic Relationship

The connection that you and your partner have is very important. Take care of it and don’t take it for granted. Every now and then, talk to each other, ask your partner about his or her day. Hold hands, hug, kiss – all of these activities, plus communication, will help you maintain that feeling of being connected.

A more romantic relationship is possible. No matter what the situation is in your relationship, it’s possible to turn things around by bringing the love and spark back. For more relationship and dating tips, read other posts on the blog.

Cricketing Is Something To Avoid, Especially When Dating Online | Asian Date

Cricketing Is Something To Avoid, Especially When Dating Online

We have already discovered and experienced a lot of online dating trends already. Some of them are positive, but most trends are something that you would definitely want to avoid. Let’s add “Cricketing” to our list of negative trends that we need to avoid doing.

Most Of Us Are Guilty Of Cricketing

You may not be aware of it, but a lot of us have already done “cricketing” in the past. We may have even done it just last week. The situation was just given a name, but it is something that we repeat over and over again, especially in the workplace.

Cricketing happens when you send a message to one person or a group of people only for your message to be left unread or not replied to. Hence, the term “crickets” is in play. Have you ever brushed off a message or an email for days, weeks, or even months? Then you are guilty.

How Does Cricketing Affect My Dating Life

When you are online dating, it is absolutely essential for you to remain active. For example, if you add someone as a contact and send them a message, they are likely to expect you to reply promptly to their response. It would be downright rude to reply after a week or even after five days. Cricketing makes your potential date think that:

1. You are not interested.

Of course someone will think that you are no longer interested in them if it takes you a few days to reply to one message. No one will wait for your messages, remember this. Everyone does not like the feeling of being left hanging.

2. Dating is not a priority for you.

You may have other things that are more important in your life. If your date thinks this, then it’s likely that he or she will conclude that you are not looking for a serious relationship.

Avoid cricketing at all costs. Understand how it might feel for someone. And be sure to make dating a priority. For more online dating tips and updates, read other posts on the blog.

How To Attract Your Soulmate Into Your Life | Asian Date

How To Attract Your Soulmate Into Your Life

Most of us may be on a journey to finding love or our soulmate. Although our goal is very clear, we might find it hard to do so because of our past baggage or unresolved issues within ourselves. If you overcome these, you’ll be able to attract your soulmate into your life.

Three Main Tips To Attract Your Soulmate

When we think about finding our soulmate, we think of it as being an impossible task. Of course, there are a million people in the world, and your soulmate is supposed to be someone who has been destined for you since they were born. Actually, we need to do away with this thinking because our soulmate can be right around the corner with these tips:

1. Discover The Essence Of Your Longing

How do you want your potential date to make you feel? Every time we meet a new person, we’re expecting that this person makes us feel a certain way. For example, for our future partner, we know that he or she will make us feel happy. Once you answer the first question, you then need to ask yourself if your potential date has the capacity to make you feel this way.

2. Deal With Your Past

You can’t move forward fully if you do not deal with your past first. Your baggage and issues are going to be your main obstacles when finding love. You don’t have to deal with all of them before you start dating, of course. You just need to keep working on yourself.

3. Are You Ready?

Next, you have to ask yourself if you are truly ready for the kind of relationship that you want. For instance, if you want to be with one person for the rest of your life, you have to ask whether you are willing to take on the responsibility of having another person in your life.

Attract Your Soulmate Quicker

The tips that you just read sound simple to do, but know that they will take time. Be patient with yourself when you are dating. Don’t stop improving and growing as a person so you can feel good about yourself and attract the right people into your life. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.

your partner still has a crush on you AsianDate

Signs That Say Your Partner Still Has A Crush On You

When you look up the word “crush” in the dictionary, it’s going to describe the word as “intense but short-lived admiration”. In dating, it’s common for all of us to have crushes, but is it still possible when you are already few years into your relationship? Will your partner still have a crush on you after being together for some time?

Is Your Partner Clingy? He Or She May Have A Crush On You

Most of the time, couples lose the passion they once had at the beginning of the relationship after a few years. It’s natural, but it doesn’t mean that the two people in the relationship won’t regain the spark. Your partner may not be showing how he or she feels about you every day, but you’ll know that he or she still has a crush on you if you spot these signs:

1. Always Finding Excuses To Spend Time With You

If your partner has a crush on you, they will make up excuses just to spend time with you. In fact, they may make excuses to talk to you, bother you, play with you and so on. You remember how it was when you were younger and had a crush on someone, right? You always wanted to be with that person.

2. Doing Thoughtful Acts

Does your partner always make you coffee in the morning? If yes, then he or she still has a crush on you. Random acts of thoughtfulness is a big sign. Your partner is not expecting you to reciprocate, but it might be nice if you could.

3. Saying “I Miss You” Often

Again, this item is connected to the first one. Because you always want to be with the person you have a crush on, your will naturally long for that person when you are apart.

Does Your Partner Have A Crush On You?

If you spot most of the signs on the list, it probably makes you feel good. It’s comforting and encouraging to know that your partner still has a crush on you. It kind of lights your spark up a little bit too, doesn’t it? Don’t give up on your relationship even when things are stale at the moment. Always look forward to better things to come. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.