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Relationship Counselling Questions You Can Try In Your Relationship | Asian Date

Relationship Counseling Questions You Can Try In Your Relationship

There are times in our relationship with the person we love when it’s obvious we need help. Of course, we can ask it from our friends and family. But, we should always remember that they can’t be there for us all the time. In cases like this, it’s best to try some self-help. Relationship counseling questions may do the trick.

Simple Relationship Counseling Questions That Can Improve Your Connection

It’s normal to sometimes feel detached from the person you’re with. The most important thing is that we attempt to reconnect. We can’t just leave our relationship hanging and on the verge of ruin. If you’re having trouble connecting, try the following relationship counseling questions:

1. How do you feel about our relationship right now?

This is a good question to know each others’ perception. To you, things may just be OK right now, but to your partner, everything may be chaotic. The answer to this will allow you to address the problems that you need to address. Basically, you are double checking where you and our partner stand currently.

2. What issues are the most important?

This question will allow you to address the issues that are most important first. Also what’s important to you may not be a priority to your partner, so it’s best that both of you understand where the other is coming from. As a follow-up, you also need to talk about what you must do to move forward.

3. What kind of love do you feel?

This is one of the most basic relationship counseling questions there is. With this, you’ll understand how deep your partner’s love is for you. It’s easy to go in and out of romantic love. However, when the couple in the relationship has a deeper connection, this will be expressed upon answering this question.

These kinds of questions aren’t always easy to answer. However, if you power through as a couple, you’ll determine how deep your connection is. Also, the questions will clearly show you what you need to improve on as a couple. For more dating and relationship tips and reviews, read other posts on the blog.

Second Date | Asian Date

Don’t Expect A Second Date If You Acted This Way

The first date is always the “make or break” moment when it comes to finding someone to love. Yes, there are people who will give you a second date no matter how terrible the first date went. However, you won’t encounter them often. If you can make the first date work, then you have to go all out.

Avoid Acting Like A Confident Jerk If You Want A Second Date

For men, if you avoid acting like a overly confident jerk while you are on your first date, you will have a better chance of getting a second one. So how does a confident jerk act, exactly?

1. Flirting With The Waitress

There are men who think that they can openly show their confidence by innocently flirting with the waitress. Wrong move! First of all, flirting with anyone while you are with someone is distasteful. Second, it sends out the wrong message.

2. Paying More Attention To Your Phone

If you’re not very good at making conversation, you might be tempted to check your phone from time to time. Many of us feel like a peek may be harmless, but don’t do it. One peek will turn into plan B every time there’s silence in the air. That’s just downright offensive if you always check your phone in front of your date.

3. Being Rude At The Staff

Another way that men usually show off how dominant they are when on a date is being rude to the staff. You never want to appear snobby because it will leave a lasting negative impression on your date.

4. Not Having A Reservation

Where do you plan to go? If you have nothing planned, it is a bad idea. Not planning anything or not making reservations in a restaurant tells your potential partner that hanging out with her isn’t really important to you.

The most likely reason that most men act this way is that they want to appear self-assured. Sure, this can be an attractive quality, but when done the wrong way (too much or unnaturally), you will never hear from the lady you’re interested in again. For more reviews and tips about relationships, read more from the blog.

These Traits Make You Husband Material | Asian Date

These Traits Make You Husband Material

Every time we meet a girl we like, we want them to look at us as a person who is husband material. The problem is the traits that can make us husband material aren’t very clear to us. Do we already have these traits? Or, do we still need to work on ourselves so ladies will look at us as someone who they can marry?

You Already Have Most Of The Characteristics That Make You Husband Material

When you think about being husband material, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the ability to support. Yes, being financially stable is good. However, it is not the only characteristic that you must possess. There are more important traits that make a man fit for the married life:

1. Trustworthy & Reliable

A good husband someone that you can trust and is someone you can rely on. Being trustworthy means that you are honest and truthful. And, being reliable means that you mean what you say.

2. Family-Oriented

The next trait is family-orientedness. A person who is close to his family or who knows how to take care of them will have a smoother experience when he has his own family in the near future.

3. Adventurous

Why does a good husband need to be adventurous? Well, so he can lead his family on different adventures during the weekend. No one wants to be married to a guy who is always on his couch, watching TV or playing video games.

4. Accepting

Definitely, no one is perfect. A good husband will be accepting of his future wife’s flaws and acknowledges the fact that he has flaws too. He also recognizes that things can’t be perfect all the time.

Being able to support a family is wonderful. It’s going to lead you a step closer to having kids (if that’s in your plans). Remember, though, that you have to be more than just a person who can provide. You have to be committed and you have to have solid plans for the future. As the woman you are dating is seeing this side of you, she will know that you are marriage-quality. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.

This Is How You Find Love Again After A Bad Relationship | Asian Date

This Is How You Find Love Again After A Bad Relationship

It takes time to really recover from a bad relationship, and then have the courage to find someone to love again. It’s not easy to get over a broken heart. However, if we persist we’ll realize that it’s hard, but not impossible. We still find love again, no matter how man bad relationships we’ve gone through.

You Will Find Love Again If You Are Proactive

Everybody goes through a bad relationship. We can’t really control our emotions all the time, so it’s possible and even normal for us to fall for the wrong person. If we allow the bad relationship to be toxic, then we can blame ourselves, but know that we have the capacity to get out, heal ourselves, and find love again.

1. You’ll benefit from self-reflection.

The first thing you do is reflect. Ask yourself why you have been in several bad relationships? Could it be your choice of partners? If this is a pattern, then you have to conclude that you need to change your behavior and your perspective.

2. Avoid rebound relationships.

When you are in a bad place, it’s easy for you to fall for people that show you a bit of kindness. This is why you have to protect yourself. For example, if you went into online dating, but you’re not ready to yet, you might fall for the wrong person. Generally, you have to protect your emotions because you don’t want rebound relationships.

3. Give yourself enough time to heal.

You never want to jump into the dating scene if you are not ready. You’ll know when you’re ready because you will feel it. All of us has baggage that we carry, but if your baggage still feels heavy or unbearable, it’s best to spend time improving and healing yourself.

4. Bravery & Confidence

Finally, when the dust has settled, you have to muster the confidence and bravery left in you to get back to the dating scene. Well, that is if you want to date even though you have fully healed. If you want to take a break, then by all means do. But, if you know that you are ready to love again, there’s no reason to stall yourself.

If you truly want to find love again, it’s important that you first work on yourself. You cannot give love if you don’t have it within you. Forgive yourself for all your mistakes in the past so you can start fresh. For more tips about dating and relationships, read other posts on the blog.