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Open the Doors to Asia

Think of AsianDate blog as the number one destination for finding out everything you need to know about not only Asian women, but also as a window into their daily lives and the richness of Asian cultures. Let us be your primary source for Asian dating advice because our long personal experience has given us insight that we’re happy to share with you. Simply put, we know Asian women, their hopes, dreams, and desires. Gain access to the tools that will teach you about Asian culture and popular Asian destinations. You may even meet your future beloved Asian love! All of this and more can be found on the AsianDate blog.

Reasons Why Online Dating Sites Are Better Than Matchmakers

When you have had no luck with finding the right person, you might be tempted to go to a matchmaker. What a matchmaker does is teach you how to date properly, and then set you up with potential matches. However, you might want to think twice because online dating sites could be better options for you.

How Online Dating Sites Help Connect Modern Individuals

Hiring a matchmaker will seem like a dream. This person is going to do everything for you. Of course, you have to apply whatever the matchmaker teaches you, but essentially, you will be learning and placing the future of your love life in this person’s hands. How about if you take the bull by the horns and take matters into your own hands by signing up to online dating sites?

Costs Less

Matchmakers cost way more online dating sites. If you do not have the budget to pay someone for their matchmaking service, then you can opt for online dating. Most websites have different packages that suit all kinds of budgets.

Larger Pool Of People

It’s no secret that dating website have a lot more people in their database. Compare that with a matchmaker who can only introduce you to one person at a time. What if the introduction doesn’t go right and you did not feel any spark? With online dating, you’ll be able to talk to a lot of people simultaneously all thanks to technology.

Online Dating Sites And Their Success Stories

If you do a quick search on the internet, you will find that there has been a lot of couples who have ended up together because of online dating. In fact, there was a survey back in 2017 that said 40% of the couples in America met through online dating. On that same year, 19% of women getting married said they met their spouse online.

Of course, online dating doesn’t come without any considerations. You have to think about signing up to the right dating site so you can have the best online dating experience. And, you keep yourself safe in the process. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.

How To Attract Healthy Relationships In Your Life | Asian Date

How To Attract Healthy Relationships In Your Life

According to the law of attraction, we attract or invite whatever we give out into the world. For example, if we want to meet our soul mate, we should always be acting and thinking as if we are going to at any moment. If you want to attract healthy relationships, you should be proactive in making this happen.

Attract Healthy Relationships And Stir Clear Of The Toxic Ones

All throughout our dating life, we have probably encountered a lot of people who have wasted our time. We gave our attention to them, but things did not work out in the end because of a number of factors – their attitude, the kind of relationship they actually wanted, and so on. So how can we prevent this, moving forward, while attracting healthy relationships?

What Do You Really Want?

Before anything else, you have to know what you really want. Of course, you want to attract healthy relationships, but what type are they? Are they the long-term or short-term kind? Next, who would you like to meet? Do you want to be with someone who is ambitious. Or, is a more down-to-earth date more your type?

Get To Know Your Date To Attract Healthy Relationships

Never jump to conclusions. How you view your date at the beginning of the relationship will definitely change when your honeymoon phase is over. So, when it ends, you have to have a more grounded view of who your date or partner really is.

Fix Your Problems Yourself

If there’s one tip that’s mandatory to remember, it is this. Know that a relationship will not fix your problems. Don’t just date because you are lonely or because you are afraid of being left behind. If you date this way, then you will surely attract relationships that will have a negative effect on your life.

From the tips above, do you think that you will be able to attract healthy relationships? Hopefully, you will. Give yourself time to truly get to know a person. Do not make rash decisions, especially when it comes to choosing your future partner. For more dating tips and updates, read other posts on the blog.

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Meeting People | Asian Date

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Meeting People

You can’t really be successful at dating if you did not overcome your fear of meeting people yet. Think about it. There are those of us who are naturally confident, knowing exactly what to talk about when in a new crowd of people. On the other hand, there are those of us who are the complete opposites. If you’re the latter, how can you be more social?

The Fear Of Meeting People Comes From Not Wanting To Be Embarrassed

Do you agree that our fear of meeting people comes from us not wanting to be embarrassed right in front of them? It’s true. Because we are afraid that we might say the wrong things, or we’re scared that the new people we meet might not like us, we would rather just stay in one corner of the room alone. How can this be dealt with?

1. Go Out More

If you just stay inside your room, how can you meet new people? Get out more so you feel comfortable about having others around. You don’t have to go to crowded parties. The park will do, as long as their are people who you can potentially interact with.

2. Say Hello To The Mailman

The idea is simple. If you want yourself to get used to talking to others, you have to start somewhere. Don’t just focus on greeting the mailman. Greet everyone you meet. Even if it’s just a simple “Good morning”, it will help you break out of your shell in a big way.

3. Ask Questions

The next thing that you should do is allow your curiosity to take over. Simply ask questions. Think about this scenario. If you are lost, you wouldn’t hesitate to ask for directions, right? Think about asking questions as a necessity and don’t think about embarrassing yourself, because most of the time it’s just all in your head.

Be More Outgoing To Overcome Your Fear Of Meeting People

Of course, these tips that will help you overcome your fear of meeting people, but that is easier said than done. You are going to need practice. Most of all, you are going to need boldness – boldness to be yourself, and boldness to look fear straight in the eye. You can do it if you think that you can. For more tips for dating or for more updates, read other posts on the blog.

Find True Love Online | Asian Date

Want To Find True Love Online? Give These Habits Up

As we are meeting new people online, we pick up several habits. Some of them are okay, but some of them hold us back from meeting the person that’s meant to be in our lives forever. What we need to do is drop these habits as soon as we can so we can find true love online.

Find True Love Online With the Right Means And Intentions

One fact that you have to know about habits is that it is similar to a loop program on a computer. Once the program has been written, our body will just do the same thing over and over again because the program commands it so. If we don’t make any changes, then we’re going to be stuck in the loop. Dating-wise, if you keep on doing the same thing over and over again without prior success, then you are going to be stuck in a pattern of failures. For you to change this, you have to “rewrite” or re-do the following bad habits:

1. Wanting A Partner

You have to have the right reasons for wanting a partner. Are you dating because you truly want to find true love online? Or is it because you have this emotional or physical need that has to be filled?

2. Pleasing Others

If you are a person who greatly cares about what others think, then you won’t be able to move forward as a person. The views of others about you should not be affecting your life. Live for yourself, make decisions for yourself.

3. Give Up The Need To Control

You should definitely practice letting go of things. For example, you should practice letting go of situations that you cannot control. The same goes for your partner. You cannot change him or her in the way you want, so sometimes, you just have to let the person be him or herself.

To Move Forward And Find True Love Online, Be Patient

You have to understand that habits will take time to correct. You’re going to need a good amount of time before you can see changes in yourself and in the way you do things, so be patient. This is what it will take to find true love online. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.