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Open the Doors to Asia

Think of AsianDate blog as the number one destination for finding out everything you need to know about not only Asian women, but also as a window into their daily lives and the richness of Asian cultures. Let us be your primary source for Asian dating advice because our long personal experience has given us insight that we’re happy to share with you. Simply put, we know Asian women, their hopes, dreams, and desires. Gain access to the tools that will teach you about Asian culture and popular Asian destinations. You may even meet your future beloved Asian love! All of this and more can be found on the AsianDate blog.

celebrate new year AsianDate

Strange Ways Asians Celebrate New Year

As you’re preparing dinner or getting ready to watch your local fireworks show, have you ever wondered how the rest of the world is celebrating New Year? If you’ve always wondered, this is the post for you because we’re going to take a look at how some Asians celebrate New Year or New Year’s Eve.

How Different Asian Countries Celebrate New Year

Each Asian country has its own unique way of celebrating New Year. It may seem strange to the rest of world, but it’s unique to the culture. You have to admit, it would be interesting to find out how some Asians celebrate New Year, right? We’ve compiled a short list of Asian countries that celebrate New Year in the strangest way.


The Ancient city of Bhaktapur is located in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley. The New Year is marked with a parade of chariots, beautifully decorated with the statues of different gods and goddesses of their faith. There’s also a big tug of war competition between those who live on the East side of the city versus those who live in the West. Whoever wins will have a more prosperous year.


The Burmese celebrate New Year in different ways, but in Burma, they have a Water Festival. To the rest of the world, this celebration looks like one big water fight because people are freely splashing water on anyone they see. But, the practice does have a spiritual significance. It started with the ancient practice of pouring water from scented bowls to cleanse the soul and make it ready for a sinless start.


Now, we go to Laos where their New Year celebration is based on Buddhist traditions. What’s interesting is a Lao New Year begins on April 13 or 14. The celebration typically lasts for three days. In towns like Luang Prabang, it could last for a week. You can expect water fights, sand being brought to the temples, and flowers prepared for Buddha’s images.


Typically, the Philippines celebrates New Year with a New Year dinner and fireworks. But, what’s strange is that the Filipinos buy firecrackers and fancy fireworks a few days before the New Year hits. Minutes before the clock strikes 12midnight, they light up the streets with the firecrackers and the entire neighborhoods fill up with smoke for an hour or two.

Next year plan to travel to Asia to experience how Asians celebrate New Year. Who knows, you might find an Asian woman you can fall for. Wouldn’t that be a great end to a year? For more interesting posts about the Asian culture, check out the rest of our posts on our blog.

chinese dating AsianDate

New Year’s Superstitions You Need To Know For Chinese Dating

It may be too early to say “Happy New Year” but here’s a piece of advice that you’ll appreciate knowing before the New Year arrives. Since you’re obviously into Chinese dating scene, there are superstitions that you should be aware of so you can:

  • Bring good luck upon yourself (if you are superstitious too).
  • Impress your Chinese date with your knowledge of this aspect of her culture.
  • Understand the Chinese culture a little more.

New Year’s Superstitious Beliefs That Might Bring You Good Luck When Chinese Dating

New Year is a very important occasion for, not just for the Chinese but for most Asians. They believe that whatever you do during the first day of the New Year will determine how the rest of your year will be. Here’s a quick list of New Year superstitious beliefs that Chinese practice:

1. Be Positive

Let’s start with something easy to remember. Being positive may not seem like an extravagant superstitious practice, but remember that whatever you do during the first day of the year will follow you throughout.

So, if you’re happy and positive, the rest of your year will be the same. This means no arguing, no fighting, no crying, no sulking, no backbiting, and all kind of other bad behaviors.

2. Cook Noodles Or Spaghetti

Any menu with long noodles or pasta will be fitting to cook during the first day of the new year. The length of the noodles or pasta you serve, first, represents a period of your life. The longer the noodles or pasta, the better your health, and the further away you are from accidents.

Second, it symbolizes how long your luck will last in the new year. So, again, the longer, the better.

3. Wear Red

Red is the luckiest among the colors for the Chinese. Red traditionally symbolizes happiness and good fortune. If you’ve gone to any Chinese celebration, you’ll notice that the typical color for the decorations is red. The common color of clothing for those attending the festival is also red.

4. Skip Cutting your Hair

As a matter of fact, you should skip cutting your nails as well. Cutting your hair or your nails may mean that you are cutting off good luck from yourself.

How Will You Use These Information?

You can practice the superstitious beliefs on the list, or you can engage in a conversation with a beautiful Chinese woman telling her what you’ve learned about her culture.

Another great way to use this information is by putting them on your dating profile before New Year comes. For example, you can say something like:

“This year, I am going to wear red during New Year. It’s a lucky color in Chinese culture so maybe wearing it could bring me more luck in meeting my dream girl.”

It’s a conversation-starter that will make your dating profile more interesting. Do you want to try your luck with Asian ladies? Practice the beliefs you’ve just learned about during New Year, and then log in to AsianDate. For more news about the Asian culture, check out other interesting posts on our blog.

Christmas gift AsianDate

What Your Choice Of Christmas Gift Says About You

Do you have everything checked off on your Christmas list? Hopefully, you’ve already completed purchasing all the gifts you need since Christmas is only days away. Everyone, like you, has their own gift giving tradition that they uphold every Christmas, but has it ever crossed your mind what people think of your gifts?

The Christmas Gift You Gave Says A Lot About You

Ok, so knowing what people think of your Christmas gift may be an easy task to do because you can always ask them to find out. Let’s skip this and move on to something a little trickier: what do your gifts say about you?

It’s interesting to think about what kind of impression you leave on people when you give them a certain gift. Here’s a short list of typical gifts people receive plus what kind of impression people form when they receive this kind of gift:

1. Money

Who gives money during Christmas? A lot of individuals, especially Asians. The Chinese, for example, commonly give out red envelopes, with money in them, to little kids. It’s considered as a sign of sharing, and imparting good luck to the young ones.

Money can have a negative impression on some people, but it’s the most practical gift to give. That’s exactly what this gift tells people about you – you are practical, sensible and a little bit strict.

2. Cool Gifts

Cool gifts are a general term for gifts that the receiver has always wanted. This can include the newest edition of the Jordan sneakers, makeup items, an iPhone7 and so on. It can be anything.

When you give out cool gifts – the impression that people get is that you’re a person who made an effort to give them what they wanted. Because effort was put into saving money to buy the gift, searching for the gift, wrapping the gift and so on, they’ll obviously think that they are an important part of your life, and will only think good things about you.

Please be reminded that cool gifts don’t have to be expensive. Cool gifts can be DIY items that you worked hard to make. They will still have the same effect on people.

3. “Half-Baked” Gifts

You know what a half-baked gift is? It’s exactly what the term implies. You didn’t really put any thought into the gift. You just bought it for the sake of giving something.

Take a look at what most companies give their employees – mugs, pens, umbrellas and so on. These gifts are also appreciated, but half-baked gifts don’t really have much of a positive impact on the people you give them to.

What people think is that gift-giving for you is like a chore – something you don’t like doing, but have to.

Remember everyone, your choice of gifts should come from the heart. Don’t over analyze what the receiver needs. For all you know, the perfect gift for the person you’re thinking of right now is some time from you. Happy Holidays! For more relationship and dating advice, check out the rest of our posts from our blog.

affordable Asian destinations AsianDate

Affordable Asian Destinations You Need To Visit

Most of the time, people choose not to travel because they feel like doing so is expensive. It’s true that there are destinations where you would need a good amount of cash to visit, but there are those that more wallet-friendly. Backpackers call these “bargain destinations”, and today we are going to introduce you to those affordable Asian destinations.

Affordable Asian Destinations That Should Be On Your List

You will find a whole slew of these kinds of destinations in Asia. You won’t have to save much to see the beautiful sites, to experience the culture, to partake of the delicacies, and to mingle with the locals in the following affordable Asian destinations:

Pokhara, Nepal

Asian Bargain Destinations You Need To Visit - Pokhara

Pokhara in Nepal is a laid-back city that you can recharge in.

The first of the many affordable Asian destinations on this list is Pokhara, Nepal. It is the second largest city in Nepal. If you’re already in Kathmandu, the capital, you can recharge your batteries in Pokhara which is about 120 miles away. The atmosphere in this city is laid-back. You’ll have a clear view of the snow-capped mountains when you visit Phewa lake.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Asian Bargain Destinations You Need To Visit - Chian Mai

Chiang Mai is a city with so much cultural significance.

If you do visit Chiang Mai, you’ll be visiting the most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand. Just like Pokhara, people come to Chiang Mai if they’ve already had enough of the busyness of Bangkok. You’ll have easy access to different Buddhist temples. There are about 300 of them in Chiang Mai. On top of that, rain-forest reserves, waterfalls, forests, and hot springs are just a motorcycle ride away.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Visit - Hanoi

Hanoi is a Vietnamese city with French influences.

Interestingly, Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. It has traces of French influences because, from 1902 to 1954, Hanoi served as the capital of French Indochina. Today, the city is well developed, but if you take a closer look, you will see remnants of its rich history in the backstreets. A lot of travelers like Hanoi because it’s one of the cities in Vietnam where you can experience luxury at a lesser price.

Goa, India

Places in Asia You Need To Visit - Goa

Goa India is popular for its beaches.

Generally, if you stir clear of the major cities in India, you’ll find a lot of spots that can be considered as bargain destinations. Goa is one of them. Travelers go there for the beaches, the cultural experience, and its scenery. You may also love the markets and the spice farms in Goa.

If you do your own research, you’ll find that there are more Asian cities that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to visit. For more Asian travel tips, check out more posts from our blog. You can also visit to meet pretty Asian ladies you can talk to about other affordable Asian destinations.