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Open the Doors to Asia

Think of AsianDate blog as the number one destination for finding out everything you need to know about not only Asian women, but also as a window into their daily lives and the richness of Asian cultures. Let us be your primary source for Asian dating advice because our long personal experience has given us insight that we’re happy to share with you. Simply put, we know Asian women, their hopes, dreams, and desires. Gain access to the tools that will teach you about Asian culture and popular Asian destinations. You may even meet your future beloved Asian love! All of this and more can be found on the AsianDate blog.

Show Your Love Without Saying I Love You | Asian Date

Show Your Love Without Saying “I Love You”

There are so many ways for you to show your love to the person you’re dating. You can be there for him or her when they need you the most. Or, you can take care of your partner when he or she is sick. The point is, your love shouldn’t be limited to what you say. You should also express your love in what you do.

Show Your Love To Your Significant Other With The Following Gestures

When you talk about gestures that show your love to your partner, you might think that giving gifts is a major one. Yes, it’s a part of the process, but it’s not the most important way. You can’t just give your partner gifts every day, right? You have to do more than that:

1. Show Your Love Through Empathy

Empathy means that you have to ability to put yourself in your significant other’s shoes. Being empathetic helps you to better understand what your significant other is going through. When you are empathetic, your responses to your troubled partner will be appropriate because you can understand how they feel.

2. Be Respectful When You Are Fighting

It’s tricky to be respectful when you are arguing because you feel angry and frustrated. You still have to try your best though. How can you build a lasting relationship if you always give in to temporary emotions like anger?

3. Be Trust-Worthy

One of the best ways you can show your love to your partner is by being trustworthy. If you have this trait, it means that your partner doesn’t have to keep his or her eye on you because they are secure in the thought that you will always do the right thing even when they are not around.

All of these show that you truly love a person without saying “I Love You”. This doesn’t mean that you should stop saying it though. Loving someone should be done through both your words and actions. You won’t be able to complete the equation if you just do one. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.

What Women Appreciate In Men | Asian Date

What Women Appreciate In Men

Are you dating actively? If yes, answer this: “What can you do to make the ladies appreciate you more?” Well, the answer isn’t giving women a lot if material presents, just in case you were thinking that. Actually, what women appreciate the most is you making an effort. But, an effort to do what?

What Women Appreciate Will Be Much Clearer After You Realize This

A lot of men want to feel appreciated by women. Most resort to giving material gifts, which ladies can appreciate. But, doing this is just short-term. If you truly want ladies to see and admire your good qualities, try the following tips:

1. Women Like To Be Chased

You’re going to need good judgement when it comes to this. There’s a big difference between wanting to be chased and plain rejection. You are the best judge of the situation. If the lady you are interested in is still dropping hints, then pursue her because that’s what she wants. But, if she is acting cold and distant, then you should stop immediately.

2. What Women Appreciate Is To Be Flirted With

How are your flirting skills? If they’re not that good, you have to practice so you can improve. Flirting is an integral part of dating or relationships. If you flirt with the woman you like, it’s going to make her feel pretty and wanted. She will appreciate that you are giving her your attention.

3. They Want To See You Improve

Aside from your efforts to connect with her, another way for you gain her appreciation would be to show her that you are willing to grow as a person. Please take note that you don’t have to be perfect. A lady who is genuinely interested in you knows that you are a work in progress. Just don’t be stagnant with your progress.

Understand that all of the items on the list need sincerity. You can’t just do them because they are what women appreciate. You cannot maintain a facade for too long. You have to make an effort to show a lady that you like her and that you want her around. Plus, don’t forget to show her that you are willing to grow as a person, not for her but, for yourself. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.

Old Dating Mistakes You're Still Doing | Asian Date

Old Dating Mistakes You’re Still Doing

So how has your offline and online dating life been lately? Have you had any luck? Or are things just as bad as they were last year? If your dating life hasn’t improved, then you’re doing old dating mistakes you really shouldn’t be doing anymore.

To Change Your Dating Life, Avoid Making Old Dating Mistakes

Of course, you want your dating situation to change. For this to happen, you have to do your best to change the way that you’re dating. Clearly, it is not effective, so why would you stick to it? Yes, it’s a bit difficult to overcome old habits. But, you have to if you want to meet someone special:

1. Keeping Bad Contacts Around

If you know that a certain person won’t be good for you, then what’s the point of keeping them around? If they have already rejected you or have shown you how bad their attitude is, you have to erase their contact details from your phone or your profile on a dating site or app.

2. You Don’t Take Rejection Well

You have to face it. You will always get rejection because not everyone will be romantically interested in you. You have to accept this as a fact. When you do, hopefully your perspective will change. The next time you are rejected, you won’t feel as bad.

3. Flirting Awkwardly

Do you know how to flirt? Most people think they do until they actually apply their flirting skills. You may not like it, but flirting is an art. You have to learn how to do it effectively. You don’t just throw lines around.

4. You’re Not Very Good With Conversations

Another skill that you need to improve is communication. Do you ask open-ended questions? Do you allow your date to get a word in? If you want to connect with people, then you have to know how to communicate effectively.

These are just some of the old dating mistakes that you need to stop doing. You have to understand that you won’t be able to apply all of these in one go. First, you need to focus on improving yourself so you can regain that feeling of self-worth. When you have done this, purge your life from negative people, and then work on improving yourself some more. For other dating tips, read more on the blog.

The Best Way To Appreciate Your Girlfriend Is Not Through Gifts | Asian Date

The Best Way To Appreciate Your Girlfriend Is Not Through Gifts

When you know that you are with a keeper, you have to do what you can to show that you appreciate her. If you haven’t found a keeper yet, you can try this site. But, if you have, you should appreciate your girlfriend in different ways and not just through gifts.

Appreciate Your Girlfriend In Five Steps

To appreciate your girlfriend, you may automatically think that you need to buy her gifts. But, that is unnecessary, although there are times when it is very welcome. There are more meaningful ways to show your lady that you love and care for her so much:

1. Acknowledge What She Has Done For You

A woman feels so good when a man sees all the sacrifices she has made for him. All the dinners that she has prepared or all of the chores that she has done, it’s nice to feel appreciated. You simply have to say that you appreciate all of the things that she is doing for you.

2. Do Something Nice When She Has Free Time

Now, it’s your turn to give back and make your girlfriend feel loved. Whenever she has free time, try to do something nice for her. For example, ask her out to watch a movie. Book an appointment for her at the spa. Or, if you just want to stay at home, promise her a feet-rub.

3. Give Her Your Attention

Don’t allow yourself to be consumed by other things in your life such as work or spending time with friends. These are vital, of course, but your time should be divided equally, with a good chunk of it set aside for your girlfriend.

4. To Appreciate Your Girlfriend, You Must Listen

There’s nothing more upsetting to a woman than her partner not listening. It’s one of the biggest pet-peeves of females. If you want to show her that you appreciate her, you simply have to listen. Most times, you really don’t have to say anything. You just need to be there and listen.

Please remember that gifts are not a bad idea. It’s just that you should not use it all the time to appreciate your girlfriend. Try non-material ways so your appreciation is conveyed as heartfelt and sincere. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.