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relationship patterns AsianDate

Spot A Divorce From A Mile Away With These Relationship Patterns

Divorce is a complicated process that no couple wants to go through. However, a married couple who has had chronic relationship problems might be better off getting the divorce instead of staying together in a union that’s gone beyond the level of toxic. Most couples usually ask themselves what they did to get to such a point in their relationship. They, most likely, did not notice that they were already exhibiting toxic relationship patterns at some point.

What Relationship Patterns Indicate Divorce?

Is there a way for you to tell if you already have some toxic relationship patterns that could end up in divorce? Yes, there is, and most of them are on this list. These behavior patterns are what you need to look out for:

Little To No Communication After A Fight Or Disagreement

The first typical behavioral pattern in couples that end up in divorce is the lack of communication. Whenever a fight or argument breaks out, the couple just leaves it as it is, without any discussions. The fight and anger die down on their own, but the real issues behind the fight or argument are left unresolved.


Because there was no communication post-fighting, assumptions replace reality. Couples who will likely end up in a divorce assume things because the cards aren’t exactly laid out on the table. One person in the relationship might have thought that everything is OK, but the other, in truth, still has resentments. More arguments can spring forth from making assumptions, so it’s not healthy for the relationship.

Enemy And Not A Partner

The last pattern that you should watch out for is if you are already seeing your partner as an enemy rather than someone you care for. The love could still be there, but it doesn’t overpower your annoyance. This is a big red flag you need to address as soon as possible.

Not Caring Anymore

Everything that happens in the relationship is, to you, insignificant. You don’t care if you fight, you don’t care if you make up, you don’t care about your partner’s happiness, or you don’t care about what your partner’s doing. You simply just do not care.

If you spot any of these relationship patterns, it means that you absolutely need professional help. You can prevent your divorce if you still want to, but you cannot do it without a professional. You would need an expert because you’ve already reached a certain negative point in your relationship. Can you spot some of the patterns on this list? We hope not.

For more relationship advice and dating updates, check out other posts on our blog. Don’t forget to visit AsianDate if you are ready to give online dating a try.

common phrases on a date AsianDate

Common Phrases On A Date And What They Really Mean

Understanding what a woman is driving at can be a tall order at the best of times, let alone when you barely know her. Luckily, there are some common phrases on a date that can be explained.

Decoding The Most Common Phrases On A Date

Whether because you hardly know them, or because in the beginning, most people tend to try and keep a facade, it takes a pro to really see behind those first phrases. Here are the most common phrases on a date explained:

When she says: “I like my loneliness sometimes.”, she means: “There will be days you might feel I’m blowing you off, but don’t take it personally and try to push me. I am a lonely person.”

When she says: “What did you do last weekend?”, she really means: “Are you boring? Are you an active person? Will I have a good time with you?”

When she says: “I really enjoy being on the social media”,  what she really wants to say is: “I will upload every single thing we do and stalk your account like mad. Be prepared to see our whole life exposed on Instagram and Facebook. Also, I’m an attention junkie.”

If she says: “I’ve had some interesting dates.”, in reality, she means: “I’ve been out with some weirdos in my life. I’m praying that you are different.”

Is she declares: “I’m different than the girls you have met before. I’ve been through a lot in my life.”, she simply means: “I am trying to impress you by sounding all experienced and wise. I may or may not have actually been through a lot- you will know in time. Do I have your attention?”

She says: “I’ve had a nice time. I’ll call you. “, she means: “I’m trying to avoid you calling me. Don’t expect me to call you.”

But if she tells you: “Next time we should go to that restaurant”, it is very good news, as she actually means: “I want to see you again. I am already trying to show you my interest by arranging another date with you.”

No two people and no two dates are the same. However, the ability to decode some common phrases on a date can make a huge difference to your communication with her.

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new year's resolutions AsianDate

New Year’s Resolutions That Can End Your Relationship

Who would have ever thought that there could be New Year’s Resolutions that can be bad for your relationship? Generally, resolutions are written so we have positive goals we can reach for as the new year passes. There are even resolutions that are specific to couples. So, what are the types of resolutions that may potentially end our current relationships? This AsianDate post finds out.

Why Some New Year’s Resolutions Can Cause Friction In A Relationship

First of all, making resolutions is a good step towards knowing where you are in life now and aiming for a better one in the near future. But sometimes, it is the execution of these resolutions that can cause friction with your significant. The following are example scenarios that best illustrate this:

Resolution #1: Losing Weight / Exercising

You tell your partner that you would like to lose some weight this year. Both of you agree and then figure out a program that both of you can do. You follow the program, and then you lose weight. Your partner, however, is losing less weight than you. This is one possible scenario where your partner can feel resentment towards you.

Resolution #2: Try New Things

Trying new things doesn’t sound bad. But, when you explore doing new things on your own, your partner might feel neglected, and maybe insecure, especially when he or she sees that you’re having a blast enjoying all sorts of new hobbies and activities without him or her.

Resolution #3: Eat Healthier

Eating healthy is a proactive step to a higher state of well-being. Let’s say that you do make this change this year. Your partner is happy with it at first but then realized that you’re “no fun” anymore because you cannot eat pizzas or drink beers with him or her.

The resolutions on this AsianDate post are the most common ones that people make. We should all look at these resolutions as changes that can either have a good or bad effect on our relationship, especially when communication is not practiced.

If any of these example scenarios happen, it’s possible that you and your partner may need to work on strengthening your connection with each other first.

Practicing your resolutions will bring about a change in your relationship. It is up to you and your significant other to adapt to the changes to make your relationship better.

We have more relationship advice on our blog so be sure to check out other posts. You can also visit if you’re single and would like to try online dating for the first time this year.

celebrate new year AsianDate

Strange Ways Asians Celebrate New Year

As you’re preparing dinner or getting ready to watch your local fireworks show, have you ever wondered how the rest of the world is celebrating New Year? If you’ve always wondered, this is the post for you because we’re going to take a look at how some Asians celebrate New Year or New Year’s Eve.

How Different Asian Countries Celebrate New Year

Each Asian country has its own unique way of celebrating New Year. It may seem strange to the rest of world, but it’s unique to the culture. You have to admit, it would be interesting to find out how some Asians celebrate New Year, right? We’ve compiled a short list of Asian countries that celebrate New Year in the strangest way.


The Ancient city of Bhaktapur is located in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley. The New Year is marked with a parade of chariots, beautifully decorated with the statues of different gods and goddesses of their faith. There’s also a big tug of war competition between those who live on the East side of the city versus those who live in the West. Whoever wins will have a more prosperous year.


The Burmese celebrate New Year in different ways, but in Burma, they have a Water Festival. To the rest of the world, this celebration looks like one big water fight because people are freely splashing water on anyone they see. But, the practice does have a spiritual significance. It started with the ancient practice of pouring water from scented bowls to cleanse the soul and make it ready for a sinless start.


Now, we go to Laos where their New Year celebration is based on Buddhist traditions. What’s interesting is a Lao New Year begins on April 13 or 14. The celebration typically lasts for three days. In towns like Luang Prabang, it could last for a week. You can expect water fights, sand being brought to the temples, and flowers prepared for Buddha’s images.


Typically, the Philippines celebrates New Year with a New Year dinner and fireworks. But, what’s strange is that the Filipinos buy firecrackers and fancy fireworks a few days before the New Year hits. Minutes before the clock strikes 12midnight, they light up the streets with the firecrackers and the entire neighborhoods fill up with smoke for an hour or two.

Next year plan to travel to Asia to experience how Asians celebrate New Year. Who knows, you might find an Asian woman you can fall for. Wouldn’t that be a great end to a year? For more interesting posts about the Asian culture, check out the rest of our posts on our blog.