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monogamy AsianDate

Why Monogamy Is The Best Choice For You

With a different kind of sexual revolution taking place as technology broke the geographical barriers and made us all feel part of a global village, some people today say that monogamy is unnatural, outdated, stifling; impossible even. We can’t lie, especially for those of us who have been in long-term relationships it may often be hard to not lose faith in our partner and to hang on to her. But isn’t everything that’s worth fighting for hard to get or keep? These are the reasons why monogamy may be a one-way street for you.

The Reasons Why Monogamy Works

We won’t try to convince you to be one way or another. The choice to be monogamous or not is a very personal one. All we are going to do is to describe the reasons why monogamy has been around for so long, and why it’s the best and most honest kind of relationship in our view.

#1. You can’t be in love with two or more people at the same time.

Not to the same degree, at least. You may love one and be in love with the other, but there is no way you can love too people in the same way and to the same degree at once. This would cause a strange dynamic of jealousy, antagonism, and stress – all of which are negative and destructive attributes for a relationship.

#2. You can’t expect to be loved to the same degree by two or more people at once.

Likewise, in a polyamorous relationship, you will constantly worry and struggle to figure out how your partners feel. It’s hard enough guessing and figuring out how one partner feels, it’s even worse with more.

#3. Sex gets better with time.

Your between-the-sheets action gets better the more you practice it with your partner. Bringing another person into the equation might seem like a good idea to spice things up, but it will eventually throw you off-balance and make you lose that feeling of intimacy you’ve built between you.

#4. It’s better for your health.

Once you board the polyamory train, you can kiss the feeling of security of knowing you won’t catch STD’s goodbye. People in open relationships can’t be sure that their partner has been careful at all times and with all partners, so they constantly need to be careful to practice safe sex, even when they are in a long-term relationship.

#5. It’s a sign of respect for your special someone.

Even though we may claim to be modern and open-minded as can be, we have been brought up with the ideals of having a special someone, The One, as we are used to calling that person. If you love a woman with all your heart, it’s a sign of respect to be able to give yourself to her exclusively and to make her feel enough for you, in all areas of your life.

So, even though we may fantasize about that supermodel girl that’s just moved next door, sometimes it’s worth not losing faith in the fairytales told by our grandparents where a prince goes looking for the princess that fits the shoe, and the words of Plato: “ Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”

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phubbing AsianDate

This Is Why Phubbing Is Threatening Our Relationships

Have you ever wondered whether your fascination with the social media is an impediment to your personal happiness? Phubbing, a word that describes how we snub our partners to check out our social media accounts, refers to one of the worst habits many of us have, unfortunately, adopted.

Is Phubbing Really So Bad?

In one word: yes. Once upon a time, access to computers and the internet was restricted at work or on our home desks, but in the past few years, smartphones have changed the game completely.

Today, our smartphones have – quite literally – become the extension of our hands, accompanying us wherever we go, 24/7. This is how the term “phubbing”, a fusion of “phone” and “snubbing”, came to being. How dangerous is ignoring your partner for your mobile phone screen, though?

When Both Partners Phub

When you go out, to a restaurant for instance, you no longer see people engaging in deep conversation. Most of the time, one (or both) of the partners will be unashamedly ignoring the other, choosing to check out what’s new on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds instead.

This is, of course, detrimental to a couple’s communication, as it makes the time spent together a superficial experience and hardly something you’d call “quality time”. How can you actively participate in a meaningful discussion if you or your partner are constantly distracted by the incessant bleeping sound of the notifications arriving on your smartphones?

When Only One Of The Partners Is Phubbing

In the cases of just one of the partners being addicted to his/her mobile, a feeling of deep resentment for being so blatantly ignored soon emerges, making the partner who is more invested in spending quality time with his/her other half lose patience and, eventually, interest.

Be Smart, Keep Your Smartphone Away

While modern technology has brought us closer in so many ways, making our world a smaller place and giving us the chance to connect with each other in a more direct and fast manner, it should be handled with care. Phubbing is a prime example of how abusing an amazing means of communication can have destructive effects on our personal life. One word of advice from us, on AsianDate: next time you are out with your girl, be smart and keep your smartphone in your pocket.

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negging AsianDate

How To Recognize When Someone’s Negging You And Deal With Them

We know, another dating term is not exactly what you need right now – but believe us, you will thank us for helping you recognize when someone is negging you. Yes, the latest trend in modern dating is a bizarre seduction technique that uses insult as its main weapon. Do we have your attention?

What Exactly Is Negging?

The Cambridge dictionary describes negging as “the practice of making negative or slightly insulting comments to someone you find attractive in order to make them take an interest in you”, and while it is very much on-point, we have a feeling you’d like some more explaining.

 An Example Of Negging

This girl spots a handsome, cocky-looking guy (who she normally considers out of her league) sitting at the bar, and decides to take him down a notch a little. So, she employs the cunning technique of negging. She goes up to him and makes a low-grade insult or a backhanded compliment that is sure to throw him off but also arouse his interest. Something like: “Wow you look tired, have you not slept for days?”

Her question will confuse him and take him by surprise, spurring him on to explain things, like why he hasn’t slept or asking her why she thinks so. Then, she can pay him a half-compliment, like “that’s a pity, I imagine your eyes look good when you’re not so worn out”. The idea is a) to draw one’s attention by not doing what is expected (i.e. paying a compliment), and b) slightly intimidating them by undermining their self-confidence so that you get the upper hand in the conversation.

How Do You Deal With People Who Neg?

When it comes to negging, it’s a case of ‘the best defense is a good offense’. Now that you know how to recognize a lady’s effort to neg you, you can reply with a knowing, unfazed laugh and something along the lines of “Is that the best you can do?”, or just say “forget about me, you’re not even good at negging – let me buy you a drink.”

To be fair, negging is a form of flattery, as the person who uses it probably thinks you’re out of their league. However, the bottom line is that if a person needs to resort to a flirting technique that’s sly and based on mildly hurting someone, is that the kind of person you want to be around?

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finding love AsianDate

One Factor You’re Overlooking When Finding Love

“Location, location, location” – you may or may not be familiar with this expression, but it’s commonly used when talking about a business or about real estate. These topics are far from dating, however, interestingly enough, the expression about location is significant when talking about finding love.

How Is Location Relevant to Finding Love?

Peter Jonason, senior lecturer in personality or individual differences at the University of Western Sydney, conducted new research along with other collaborators. The research aimed to:

  • Examine the habits of people looking for both short and long-term relationships.
  • Identify personality traits connected to the preferences of specific venues.
  • Discover gender differences when it came to venue preferences.

The participants of the research were students, 100 of them, 70% female and 30% male, ranging in age from 18 to 38. Surprisingly, a good number of the participants unanimously agreed on which venues people visit to find short and long-term relationships. Here’s a list of the results:


  • Class
  • Organizations
  • Religious
  • Work
  • Gym
  • Coffee shop
  • Volunteer groups
  • Neighborhood
  • Conferences
  • Park


  • Bar
  • Nightclub
  • Party
  • Dance Club
  • Beach
  • Wedding
  • Gym
  • Concert
  • Fraternity party
  • Neighborhood

Next, a different set of participants were required to answer a questionnaire that assessed different traits like narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism, honesty/humility, emotionality, extraversion, and so on. They were also asked to imagine going to the places on the list above and rate how likely they’re going to find a date at the venue.

Final Results

The numbers were calculated. The results showed that narcissism seemed to be the driving force for mating success in the list for short-term venues. At the same time, these narcissists may use short-term venues to look for long-term relationships. So what does that tell all of us today? One, if we don’t want to date a narcissist, we need to find love in the right places. Two, if all we’re looking for is short-term connections, we, now, have a good idea of where to find them.

Location Is Key Even In Finding Love

It’s strange to say but location is key, or at least one of them, in finding love. If you found this post interesting, please feel free to share it. Don’t forget to head to our blog to check out more of our posts, and don’t forget that, regardless of location, online dating is always a great way to look for love.