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The True Role Of A Soulmate Is Very Different Than What We Think It Is | Asian Date

The True Role Of A Soulmate Is Very Different Than What We Think It Is

Whenever a person says that he or she has found their soulmate, we paint a clear picture in our head about what this could mean. More often, we think that the role of a soulmate is to complete the other person. For example, a person’s soulmate will be his or her better half. With this person around, the individual is whole or complete.

We Have To Rethink The Role Of A Soulmate In Our Lives

We might have to rethink the primary role of a soulmate in our lives. Our soulmates will not be the people who will make us complete, sad to say. We may have had it wrong all this time. The truth is, our soulmate won’t be the one responsible for making us feel complete. Instead, our soulmate will encourage us to complete ourselves. Aside from this, the role of a soulmate is:

1. To Allow You To Challenge Yourself

We may not see the potential in ourselves but our soulmate will. This person will encourage us to go beyond our comfort zone to achieve the things that we truly desire. Whenever we fail, this person doesn’t stop encouraging us to be better and to beat our self up because of our mistake.

2. Not To Judge You

Whenever we share something with our soulmate, this person does not judge us. Our soulmate will accept what we say wholeheartedly, without any grains of salt. Whether it is wrong or right, we can always trust that there will only be acceptance and understanding.

3. To Inspire You To Grow

Most importantly, this person wants us to be a better individual – more kind, caring, loving, and so on. Our soulmate won’t force us to do this, but because of their unending support, we initiate the change within our self.

Do you think that you have already found the person you were meant to be with? If we change our perspective on the role a soulmate is supposed to play in our lives, we may find the person faster. It may even be possible to find your soulmate while you’re online dating. For more updates and dating advice, read other posts on the blog.

You Have To Think Twice About People With These Attractive Qualities | Asian Date

You Have To Think Twice About People With These Attractive Qualities

Most often, when we meet people who catch our attention online, we don’t really dissect their personality. All that matters is that they have captivated our attention. So, we entertain the notion of a potential relationship. If the person has attractive qualities, why not right?

The Dark Side Of Attractive Qualities

We don’t really think twice about a person who has seemingly attractive qualities. When we feel good while talking to the person, we don’t need other forms of validation that the person is a good companion. In the long run, however, we might eventually see the dark side of these attractive qualities:

1. Charming and Charismatic

What’s so bad about these attractive qualities? Nothing at the start. However, they can be linked to manipulation, being controlling, and self-absorbed. Unfortunately, there’s a thin line between being charismatic and being manipulative. You’ll know that a person is being manipulative if he or she is just being charming for personal gain.

2. Being Bold

Boldness is admired by many. What we don’t see, however, is that a person who is too bold will often act out of impulse. This means that he or she can make decisions without thinking twice about them. In short, they may lack responsibility.

3. Being Confident

A person who is confident can border into being narcissistic. Of course, most of us won’t see this during the first, second or even third date. A person who is narcissistic will want things to be done their way so we have to watch out as we interact with someone who is seemingly confident.

At the start, these attractive qualities will be enough to leave anyone swooning. However, as you go along with your relationship or as your dating progresses, you will see the flaws in the person. Generally, flaws are nothing to worry about because no one is perfect. However, if a person flaws include manipulation and other characteristics that can be detrimental to you or your potential relationship, then it’s best to think twice. Let’s take the time to get to know someone first. For more dating tips, read other posts and reviews on the blog.

Long-Distance Relationship Benefits We Overlook | Asian Date

Long-Distance Relationship Benefits We Overlook

We often think that being in a long-distance relationship (LDR) with a beautiful woman is all challenges. Yes, it is difficult to be in an LDR or an online relationship. However, there are some relationship benefits too. We are just so focused on the downside, that we forget about the good thing about being in an LDR.

Although Hard, There Are Relationship Benefits To Being Away From Each Other

Perhaps, our perspective on long-distance relationships has been tainted with the stories we’ve read about couples struggling. Of course, there will be struggles, but what relationship doesn’t have those? If you also give some attention to the ups of being in this kind of set-up, more people will be encouraged to take on the challenge. So, what’s so what are the relationship benefits of being apart?

1. You will have more time for yourself.

Since your loved one is not with you physically, you will have more time to spend on yourself. You can watch a movie or take a class. Some of your time you will need to dedicate to communicating with your partner, but you won’t be chatting or video chatting 24/7.

2. Any time spent together is valued.

Because you have been apart for some time, any vacation or visit you have will be more than precious. Each time you meet, it will be exciting. Each moment you spend will be a moment that you treasure because you cannot predict when your next meeting will be.

3. If you and your partner get through being in an LDR, you will conquer anything.

As mentioned, being in an LDR will be challenging. But, if you thrive in this kind of relationship and you conquer all of the challenges, you’ll be unbreakable. You and your partner will be able to handle anything that life throws at you.

4. Your communication with each other will be better compared to other couples.

Some couples have a problem with the way they communicate because they avoid talking about their issues and feeling. With a long-distance relationship, you have no choice but to talk. You have to practice your communication skills because it is the only way that you remain connected.

Don’t be afraid to try out being in a long-distance relationship. It’s just a matter of perspective if you really think about it. If you focus on the negatives, then that’s what you are going to see and experience the most. However, if you focus on the relationship benefits you’re getting, you will have a perspective that will allow you to see the silver lining. For more online dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.


Secret Questions Every Girlfriend Wants To Ask | Asian Date

Secret Questions Every Girlfriend Wants To Ask

When you have been with your girlfriend for a while, you would think that she’s comfortable enough to tell you everything. The truth is, there are secret questions she still wants to ask you. However, she is either too shy or too worried to ask. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together because, in most cases, every girlfriend wants to ask her boyfriend secret questions.

These Secret Questions Are More Like Polite Requests

You shouldn’t worry about what these secret questions are because they have less to do with bad news. Actually, these questions are more like polite requests from your girlfriend:

1. Can you surprise me?

When was the last time you gave your girlfriend some flowers? You could say that she never asks for them or there was no need for flowers, but girls love small gifts. It makes a girl feel like you were thinking of her in the middle of the day. The surprise doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to be an object. Get creative. Surprise your girl with a song or even with finished chores.

2. Can I join you and your friends/family?

There are instances where we just want to spend quality time with friends and family by ourselves. This isn’t a bad thing, but you may be doing this too often to the point where you’re not including your girlfriend anymore.

3. Can you express your feelings more?

The last on this list of secret questions is a common one. Men don’t normally show off their feelings or even say “I love you” as often as women want. Try harder to show your appreciation and love to the person you are with.

You didn’t have anything to worry about. Yes, girls are expressive. They always talk to their friends about how they are feeling. However, when it comes to you, she may not be asking because you may not agree to her request or you may not be as accepting.

Think About Why Your Girlfriend Wants To Ask These Secret Questions

This post should be a sign for you to maybe look into paying more attention to your girlfriend. If you ask her about these secrets straightforwardly, she may not tell you the truth. But, if you just adjust your attitude, you will go forward with your relationship in a better way. For more tips about dating, read other posts on the blog.