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Ways To Have A Drama Free Relationship

Admit it – we all wish we could have a drama free relationship, but that’s not always possible. When you are with another person, you have to realize that you are with an individual who may not have the same views as you. This person may not have the same likes, as well. With that said, is it possible to have a drama free relationship?

How To Achieve A Drama Free Relationship

What does drama free even mean? Does it mean that you don’t fight with your significant other? Not necessarily. When your relationship is free of dramatic events, it means that there is harmony in your relationship. Issues get resolved right away and the tense air dissipates quickly. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have fights. To achieve a drama free relationship, consider the following:

Know What Matters To You Most

You have to gain a realistic view of situations rather than just having your anger get the best of you. For example, does it really matter that your partner was ten minutes late for your dinner date? Does punctuality matter that much to you? Is the entire situation worth a three-day fight?

Never Dwell On Arguments

As mentioned, you are going to have disagreements. There’s no magical solution to that. But, if you want a drama free partnership, you have to address the issue and resolve the disagreement quickly. You shouldn’t force yourself or your partner, of course. But, you have to come to a point where both of you agree to talk things over after an hour or so. Don’t let your argument simmer.


It’s always great to talk things out but words will just be words when there’s no application. You have to do good on your word. If you promised your partner a day’s worth of your time then go through with it. It’s cliche but actions do speak louder than words.

You’re still going to go through a lot before you achieve a relationship that’s free of drama. But, if you focus and work on your patience and communication, you will get to that place eventually. For more tips about improving relationships, read more from our blog.