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Three Most Common Things People Judge On A First Meeting

Whenever you have the first meeting with someone, what goes through your mind? Psychologically, it has been proven that we formulate our idea of what the person may be like. We look at how they look, we listen to the way they speak, and we calculate their movements. Afterwards, we form our own idea of who the person is. Our idea may not be accurate but it’s a natural thought process that all of us go through.

What People Look At During A First Meeting With You

One expert, however, suggests something more specific. Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher says that there are three main things that people look at during a first meeting:

1. The person will observe your teeth.

According to Fisher, the teeth can tell a lot about a person’s age and health. Your teeth can also indicate a few lifestyle choices that you have made. For example, if you eat too many sweets, drink too much coffee, or smoke, your teeth will show signs of it. Of course, the person you’re meeting won’t act like a dentist an inspect your canines, but they will subtly observe how your teeth look.

2. They listen to your grammar.

We’ve always said this on a majority of our posts: always check your grammar in your dating profile. Grammatical errors are simply a no-no. Well, it proves that grammar is important in real life as well. Fisher adds that grammar is a good indication of one’s educational background.

3. People will look at how confident you are.

Confidence is one key to dating successfully. Apparently, it is also one key to making a good first impression. During your first meeting, people will look at how confident you are. This is because confidence is a good indication of how emotionally stable you are. If we exude the right kind of confidence, it tells people that we feel good about ourselves, we are secure, and that we have a positive outlook.

Now, what will you do with all of this information? Work on each one. If these are the key to making a great first impression during a first meeting, why not go to the dentist more often, brush up on your grammar, and work on your confidence? Making small improvements on each of the items might just bring you a great dating year. For more tips on self-improvement, read more posts on our blog.