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What Girls Do To Impress A Guy

If you were asked: “How can you tell if a woman is trying to impress a guy?” Would you know the answer? Most likely, you will say that you can’t really tell. That’s how we men are. We’re not very observant, most of the time. And, we can’t really figure out what’s on women‘s minds, do you agree?

Signs That Say She’s Trying To Impress A Guy

Well, you may not feel like this anymore after reading this article because we are going to list down common signs that will tell you a girl is trying to impress a guy. These are the usual tactics that your dates may have used on you:

1. Ignoring You

It’s ironic, isn’t it? But, yes. When a girl likes you, she will likely ignore you to catch your attention. She’s playing hard to get, and yes, she is creating a little bit of mystery to heighten your excitement and attraction to her.

2. More Than Just A Pretty Face

From a woman’s perspective, good looks will only get her thus far. To impress a guy, even more, ladies will usually strike up a conversation that’s very intellectual or captivating. Or, they can show off their talents. The aim is to show the guy that she’s more than just a pretty face – she’s the whole package.

3. Subtle Eye Contact

Have you ever experienced your date making eye contact with you and then quickly looking down or looking away? She may be trying to impress you. She might be playing a scene in her head where she’s trying to captivate you with one stare and then looking away to leave you wanting more.

4. Life Of The Party But Still Down To Earth

Most women know what men are attracted to. There are basically two personality types that men gravitate towards – fun and down-to-earth. A lady who is trying to impress you will assume both roles. She will try to get your attention by being the life of the party, but then draw you in by radiating her down-to-earth vibes when you finally have a conversation.

5. Sense Of Humor

This is actually an extension of the number four item. Ladies understand that guys like a woman with a good sense of humor. Women also understand that in order for them to be the complete package, a guy has to be comfortable with them so they don’t take themselves too seriously.

So how many signs do you spot with the woman that you’re dating now? It’s good if you spot a lot of signs because that must mean that she’s really into you. For more dating and relationship tips, check out more posts on our blog.