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Five Things to Avoid in Your Online Dating Profile

If you want to come across as interesting and likeable on online dating sites, the first step is to put your best foot forward when making your profile. This means using nice photographs of yourself, listing your interests and hobbies and describing the type of relationship you’re looking for. Some things, however, are best left out. Here are five things to avoid putting in your online dating profile.

Forget About Doing This On You Online Dating Profile

1. Dismissing online dating

It’s 2015. No one’s judging you for being on an online dating site, especially other people who are on the site themselves! Don’t diss the process, otherwise you’ll end up looking insecure and probably insult a few people, too.

2. Writing too many clichés

  • Long walks on the beach
  • Work hard, play hard
  • Down to earth
  • Don’t watch TV

Cut those four out. Boom, now your profile doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

3. Being too sexual

Yes, many people enter the world of online dating in hopes of finding a sexual relationship, and that’s great! But it’s tacky to be too overt about it in your profile that’s open for the world to see. Save your “desires” for when you actually get to know someone.

4. Complaining about your current romantic situation

We understand that looking for love can be a long, frustrating process, but potential romantic partners are not the people you should be venting to. It’s assumed that everyone on an online dating site is looking to improve their love life, so you’ll come off as self-centered if you whine about your situation.

5. Revealing too much about yourself

Listing your main interests and hobbies is important, as that information will convey the things you care most about. But your fourth-favorite Tarantino film, or the long story of the car dealer that tried to scam you on Craigslist last weekend? Leave those ones aside, or you won’t exactly come off as mysterious.

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