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Tag Archives: dating

How to Flirt: Making an Emotional Connection



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Whenever you flirt or chat with a date (either online or in person), it’s always important not to “interview” your match by asking too many consecutive questions. Instead, you should try to lead the conversation in a direction that emotionally connects the two of you. There’s a simple technique for better connecting with a prospective partner on an emotional level: respond to the emotional content of what they say, rather than the factual content.

Featured Profile and Recipe: Peng and Salmon Cakes

a83109fa-09d5-4eea-90ab-652e5b025514Please allow us to introduce you to Peng! Peng is a lovely 24-year-old young lady who is on AsianDate looking for love. We’ll be featuring individual profiles from time to time, just to highlight a few of the many available singles looking to connect, and let you in on some of their favorite things.

Date Night Recipe: Upgrade Your Ramen!

So you’re ready to put on an apron and try your luck in the kitchen. The occasion? Date night, of course! Few things seal a romantic deal like a home-cooked meal. Some people think that fancy restaurants are where it’s at, but those folks are missing out—cooking at home is cozier, more affordable, and can be far more romantic than an extravagant restaurant. When you put effort into preparing a meal either for your date, it shows you really care.

The Top 10 Mistakes When Dating A Person Of A Different Race or Ethnicity (Part 2 of 2)

Last week we looked at some of the top mistakes that are made when dating a person of a different race or ethnicity. We’ve got five more for you this week.