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Tag Archives: dating

searching for love online AsianDate

Dos And Don’ts Of Searching For Love Online

Thanks to popular demand, we’re back with more dos and don’ts of online dating. Don’t forget to check out our other dos and don’t posts, but before that find out what you should and shouldn’t do when you are searching for love online.

Searching For Love Online Will Be Easier When You Learn This

DO: Move things forward

Emailing and messages are a great way to start, but you can only get to know someone so well from written exchanges. At a certain point, it’s times to make things verbal and, eventually, visual. When the time is right, AsianDate’s Call Me and CamShare features are a great way to advance your correspondence.

DON’T: Move too quickly

Phone calls and CamShare are awesome, but not on the first exchange. Don’t set up a phone call with a woman you’ve barely talked to—it will be awkward for both of you.

One of the girls on AsianDate says: “Letters and emails might seem a little impersonal, but it’s actually really charming when a guy puts time into writing a thoughtful note. That definitely is something that would make me want to get to know someone better.”

DO: Say what you like in a woman

It’s totally cool to tell a woman the traits that you want in a partner. If you’re looking for someone who loves nature and traveling and wants a long-term relationship, then there’s no point in wasting your time talking to the queen of the Netflix marathon who just wants to be friends.

DON’T: Talk about your ex

It can be easy to get caught up in comparisons, but trust us: talking about your ex-lady is always a bad move. Even if you’re telling your new gal how much better she is, she’s probably not buying it—she’s wondering why you’re still thinking of your ex at all.

One of the girls on AsianDate says: “I once had a man tell me directly that he wasn’t looking for anything serious. He sounded kind of apologetic about it, but it was great. I wasn’t looking for anything serious, either, so we immediately knew we were on the same page.”

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reality of dating AsianDate

The Reality Of Dating Today: Truths You Need To Face

As much as some of us would like to boil it down to a science, love is simply unpredictable. Even if you have a “type,” you never really know which mysterious woman across the bar is going to catch your eye. And even if you’re in a romantic slump, you can never rule out meeting the woman of your dreams on any given night. But, all of that is more likely to happen if you are aware of the reality of dating nowadays.

What Science Says About Reality Of Dating These Days

Fortunately, we have online dating to give us at least some insight into the ways of love and attraction. Because of its technological element, online dating lends itself to research much better than in-person dating. Here are three studies that were done on online dating, and what we can take away from them.

Pew Research Center: Many online daters never meet in person.

Pew Research, one of the most reliable sources for social surveys, found that almost exactly one-third of online daters have never met a single match in real life. It seems as if, for many, online dating has become a romantic experience in and of itself. While many approach it with the objective of eventually meeting someone in person, others have found the conversation and companionship they were looking for without leaving the online experience.

ConvergEx Group: Online dating saves you money.

$6400, to be exact. ConvergEx took a financial approach to their study, calculating that the amount of money saved on dates over periods of months is typically in the thousands. The study was applied to couples who met online and eventually became married, but the principle holds true for those who never even meet in person. If you’re meeting online instead of in a restaurant, that’s a lot of extra cash in your pocket.

AnswerLab: Men don’t spend enough time reading profiles.

This study from AnswerLab used far more than anecdotal evidence to support its claims. With advanced eye-tracking technology for measurement, the study gauged, among other things, how much time men and women spent looking at the profiles of potential matches. Surprise, surprise: Men spent 50 percent less time reading profiles than women did. This isn’t a shocker; it’s no secret men trust their immediate instincts when it comes to attraction. But maybe they could learn something from the ladies: It never hurts to know a little more about a romantic interest.

What is just as interesting as these individual studies is the fact that they were even performed at all. In the last decade, online dating has become a mainstream phenomenon that’s shaped the love lives of millions all over the world. When something’s so influential that it merits research by financial firms and use of eye-tracking devices, you know it’s affecting culture in a big way, and that’s the undeniable reality of dating also.So, if you haven’t already started, what are you waiting for?

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pick up lines AsianDate

Three Pick Up Lines That Only Work Online

Picking up women in bars is tough, and using pick up lines doesn’t seem to make it easier. Many women are just looking to have a night out with their friends and are wary of men who are looking to talk to every woman in sight. On the other hand, every woman on a dating site is looking to strike up a conversation and make a connection. Here are three pick up lines that are particularly well-suited to online dating sites.

Best Pick Up Lines You Can Use In Your Next Chat

“You have a beautiful smile”

In person, a physical compliment can catch a woman off guard, and not necessarily in a good way. To say something like this in real life is to take a relatively aggressive approach, whereas complimented a specific part of a woman’s appearance online means that you’ve taken the time to look through her photos and find one characteristic that you find beautiful about her. She’ll be flattered that you noticed.

“What’s your dog’s name?”

When you spontaneously approach a woman in person, you likely know nothing about her. Having to start a conversation without having any background puts you at a huge disadvantage. Online, though, you have a girl’s whole biography at your fingertips. What’s her favorite horror movie? Where did she learn to golf? What’s the best Pad Thai she’s ever had? The possibilities are endless.

“If you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber”

If this isn’t the corniest pick-up line you’ve ever heard, then it’s close, right? In person, these kinds of pick up lines do terribly, it’s just too awkward to say to someone’s face. But when you use a line like this to start a conversation online (without any “I know it’s corny” explanations), you come off as self-aware and as someone who doesn’t take yourself too seriously.

Essentially, the advantage of starting a conversation online is that everyone has time to be thoughtful. You have time to think about what makes you attracted to a woman, allowing you to say something genuine and heartfelt that will resonate with her. She has more time to respond, which takes the pressure off of her to reply immediately and makes her feel more at ease. Ready to try out your best opening line? The ladies of AsianDate are ready to hear them.

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online dating profile AsianDate

Five Things to Avoid in Your Online Dating Profile

If you want to come across as interesting and likeable on online dating sites, the first step is to put your best foot forward when making your profile. This means using nice photographs of yourself, listing your interests and hobbies and describing the type of relationship you’re looking for. Some things, however, are best left out. Here are five things to avoid putting in your online dating profile.

Forget About Doing This On You Online Dating Profile

1. Dismissing online dating

It’s 2015. No one’s judging you for being on an online dating site, especially other people who are on the site themselves! Don’t diss the process, otherwise you’ll end up looking insecure and probably insult a few people, too.

2. Writing too many clichés

  • Long walks on the beach
  • Work hard, play hard
  • Down to earth
  • Don’t watch TV

Cut those four out. Boom, now your profile doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

3. Being too sexual

Yes, many people enter the world of online dating in hopes of finding a sexual relationship, and that’s great! But it’s tacky to be too overt about it in your profile that’s open for the world to see. Save your “desires” for when you actually get to know someone.

4. Complaining about your current romantic situation

We understand that looking for love can be a long, frustrating process, but potential romantic partners are not the people you should be venting to. It’s assumed that everyone on an online dating site is looking to improve their love life, so you’ll come off as self-centered if you whine about your situation.

5. Revealing too much about yourself

Listing your main interests and hobbies is important, as that information will convey the things you care most about. But your fourth-favorite Tarantino film, or the long story of the car dealer that tried to scam you on Craigslist last weekend? Leave those ones aside, or you won’t exactly come off as mysterious.

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