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Is Your Career Spoiling Your Love Life?

Our job plays such an important role in our lives. Ever since we are very young we are taught that being hard-working and excelling at work are signs of success and stability. What happens when your job interferes with your relationships, though? Can having a career be spoiling your love life?

The Ways Your Career May Be Spoiling Your Love Life

From being attached to your smartphone to not having enough energy for your partner, these are the ways in which your job can play havoc with your relationship.

You Frequently Bring Work Home. It can happen to anyone. You haven’t had the time to finish all your tasks in the 8 hours you spent at the office and had to bring the rest home. How often does it happen to you, though? It’s ok if it’s once a month, but if you are forced to continue working when you’re home, it could mean that your work is taking over your life. The time you spend outside working hours is meant to be the time you spend with your loved ones. Devoting that time to work means you get to spend less time with your partner, which is a very bad idea.

You Constantly Talk About Your Job. Of course, you are supposed to talk about work with your partner. It is only natural to share your everyday experiences with your lady, but is it possible that it’s taking over all other topics of conversation? Make sure you also talk about other things, and maybe take up a hobby that will take your mind off your job and make you feel creative again before you tire your girl. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, as the saying goes.

You Carry The Office Tension Around. You don’t like your snobby superior, you hate the office gossip, you are bitter about how the proposal you put forward was rejected after all, and the list goes on. There isn’t one day you don’t go home with one reason or another to be upset/ angry/ stressed because of work. Does this have a toll on your relationship? Having a partner who’s constantly on edge takes away from the fun of the relationship and makes communication hard; sometimes impossible even.

Your Smart Phone Is the Extension Of Your Hand. Not because you’re uploading pics on Instagram or browsing your Facebook account, you’re more likely to be checking your e-mail for work-related mail or waiting for that all-important customer to call. All the time. Everywhere. Even during dinner with your partner. This kind of behavior can be extremely offensive and it builds a wall between you and your partner. When you spend time with the person you love, this is the time that should be exclusively focused on you two only.

If you are having so much trouble leaving your work in the office, you are in danger of losing your relationship to your job. In the constant race to achieve more, make more, move up in the career ladder, what society doesn’t tell us is where to draw the line. If you are feeling you can’t juggle both work and a love life, maybe it’s time to either set boundaries or choose one of the two.

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