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How To Turn Down A Date Politely

Even though it is definitely hard being on the receiving end of a date rejection, there is no doubt that being the one having to do it is not a pleasant business either. Luckily, there are ways to turn down a date politely.

How To Be Nice When You Turn Down A Date

Be gentle. Make sure you thank the lady for asking you out. You can even begin by complimenting her on something you genuinely admire about her. For example, you could say something along the lines of “Thank you very much for asking me out. I really like hanging out with you, but….”, “I really appreciate your offer and you know that I value your friendship, but…”, or “You are so nice for asking and you know I think you are great. However…”

Find an excuse that doesn’t offend. If you are in a relationship already, you should let her know. If you are not, you should remember that honesty is the best policy, but honesty doesn’t have to be cruel. The best idea is to make it all about you. No need to list the reasons you are not interested in her. You could just tell her you think of her more as a friend or that you are not really looking to date at this moment in time. Make sure you sound as polite and flattered as possible, but not condescending or like you pity them for being rejected.

Body Language Is Just As Important As Words

Watch your body language. If you are taken by surprise by the offer, your body language can reveal things your words may want to hide.  Try not to fold your arms, as this shows you are putting up a guard. Also, you should not step backwards like you are about to run away. Despite the fact you will definitely be in an awkward position, it is of great importance to stay cool and keep the communication open.

Maintain Eye Contact. The hardest part might be to keep looking in her eyes throughout this difficult conversation. However, it is imperative that you maintain eye contact even as you turn down a date, as this will show her that you mean every word you say and it will eliminate awkwardness in the long run. Especially if it’s a person within your circle of friends or acquaintances, meaning you will see her frequently.

In a nutshell, although it’s never easy to turn down a date, it is really not the end of the world for either of you. The golden rule is to deal with this rejection as you would want to be treated if it were the other way round.

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