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Microcheating: Forms Of It Happening Today | Asian Date

Examples Of Microcheating That You Should Watch Out For

Cheating on your partner can take many forms. And probably most of you have encountered a few in your lifetime. Now, we have microcheating to watch out for. It is a new term for little indiscretions or subtle actions that can lead to full-blown cheating.

Forms Of Microcheating Happening Today

There are varying degrees of micro-cheating. Some are not as bad, while others appear more low key. Despite this, it’s important that you keep your eye on the resulting possibilities that are brought about by the following actions:

1. Sending a message to an ex-lover.

While it may be a harmless text message, there is really no point reaching out to a former flame. This is especially true if you are already in a new relationship. This will give you the image of somebody who is still not over the past and is just using the present as a spare. The best thing to do is to focus on your current relationship and work on  it to make it grow.

2. Liking the posts of your crush regularly.

We live in the digital age where social media is now the norm. But, if you keep following and liking the post of a person who you would like to be in a relationship with if given the chance, then that is a form of microcheating. This is especially true if you are actually stalking the person’s post.

3. Building a platonic relationship online.

There are married or committed men and women who have something that looks like a “platonic” online relationship. They can talk about different topics and even offer wise solutions to problems. But, these seemingly harmless online conversations can lead to a deeper relationship. These kinds of online friendships should be avoided because they could be traps.

4. Not deleting your profile on dating apps.

You are already committed to a relationship, or worse, married. The most logical thing to do is to delete your profile on dating sites and apps. You don’t need them anymore, right? In case your current relationship doesn’t work, you can easily create another profile.

5. Fantasizing about someone else while being intimate.

This is a really low form of microcheating. You already have a good thing, a person who cares about you, and a relationship to nurture. But while having your intimate moment, your mind wanders. It’s really unfair to your partner. You may think “So what if my partner doesn’t know”. But you know and it will affect the way you see your relationship. Sooner or later, you will be dissatisfied.

Cheating is like a thief that steals joy and contentment out of relationships. Avoid temptations, even as little as microcheating. Share this post if you found it helpful and don’t forget to visit our blog for more tips.

Relationship Behaviors Men And Women Show Are Very Different | Asian Date

These Relationship Behaviors Are Drastically Different Between Men And Women

To say that men and women are starkly different is the understatement of the century. There are plenty of things that men and women cannot agree on. But, despite their differences, there are relationship behaviors that make them similar. It is just that they process these things differently.

Relationship Behaviors Between Men and Women When In Love

These three main things show how both men and women have similar needs when in a relationship. It’s just that they give and take these relationship behaviors in different amounts and levels.

Wanting To Be Noticed

Both men and women would like their partners to notice what’s going on with them. If they would have a bad day at work, they’d want their partner to notice their shift in mood. But, while the man would be content with being merely noticed and asked if he’s okay, the women might want to talk about the entire day’s events that led to that upsetting moment.

Needing To Be Loved

Both men and women want to be loved, of course. It’s a primal need. But, while women may be demonstrative with their affection and wish that they would receive the same, they will be disappointed to learn that men are not. They would often assume that their partners are aware of their love and that they don’t have to keep showing it with words and actions. This can lead to really big misunderstandings.

Seeking A Purpose In The Relationship

When men and women go into a relationship, both bring with their strengths—physical, mental, emotional, even psychological and spiritual. With all these strengths, they try to find out the needs of a relationship and seek their purpose in that. What is important is that both acknowledge each other’s contribution to the relationship and to respect each other for what they could bring.

Men and women do differ in their background, personalities, and most of all, relationship behaviors. But, all these can play to the advantage of the relationship. The important thing is that both man and woman acknowledge that they play a crucial and unique role. And most of all, they have to remember that they are on the same side. For more tips and updates, read other posts on our blog.

Relationship Truths Successful Couples Are Aware Of | Asian Date

Relationship Truths Successful Couples Are Aware Of

As two people progress and mature with their partners in a relationship, they learn a lot of lessons along the way. They will discover truths that have made their commitment steadfast. With these relationship truths in place, the couple’s connectedness will sure to remain for a long time.

Relationship Truths Every Strong Couple Discovers Along The Way

Young couples who are just starting out in their relationship can learn from those that have already been through a lot. More mature couples have realized the following relationship truths listed below. Most probably, young couples haven’t had the chance to learn some of these lessons yet, but it’s important to know that they are signs that say the relationship is becoming stronger:

1. Successful relationships don’t come easy.

Life is not a bed of roses and the same goes for relationships. You need to realize that both of you need to cultivate your relationship to make it grow. It should always be give and take.

2. You can change yourself.

A lot of times, young people get into a relationship and feel like they are their partner’s savior. But, that is just a myth. You can only improve and change yourself but not your partner. The decision to change has to come from the other party.

3. Understand that men and women are different.

Aside from backgrounds, personalities, educational attainment, and status, men and women are just wired differently. We react to certain situations differently, according to the pre-set conditions in our brains as well as our training or upbringing. We cannot expect to think alike, at least not all the time.

4. Anger and fighting is a waste of time.

When you are young, it’s easy to get mad over petty things. When you grow older and become more mature in your relationship, you realize that a lot of things you fought about in the past were all a waste of time. They were not only unimportant, but you also overreacted.

5. Stay best friends.

While you maintain healthy friendships outside of your relationship, work to become each other’s best friend. After all, you two will become the closest anyone will ever get. You might as well take advantage of that situation. This friendship will get you through your older years.

These relationship truths are tried and tested by successful couples. Just ask those who you know. Because they are truths, they will not change no matter how old you and your partner become. You might not have learned the lessons yet, but at least you know what you should watch out for in the near future. For more tips on how to make your relationship stronger, read other posts on AsianDate blog.

r-bombing AsianDate

You Are Probably A Victim Of R-Bombing And Don’t Even Know It

There is a new term that has been added to the dating realm. It is called R-Bombing and it has been around for years (although it rarely happens on AsianDate). Only recently has it taken on a new meaning. Most of us are probably not aware of what the negative dating term means. It’s not nice to experience, yet it is a situation that commonly happens in today’s dating scene.

Everything About R-Bombing That We Should Inform Ourselves With

Basically, R-bombing means that the person you like ignores your message. They read it and you are aware that they did, but they do not respond. Before, it was a term used mainly by Blackberry users since it was in their device that the “R” came from. “R” means Read. The “Read” sign shows up on a Blackberry device when a user has already read the message. Today, however, the term is used widely because the same feature is now available on popular smartphone brands, and even social media.

Commonly In Britain 

Two-thirds of British singletons were subjected to a study and they are quite troubled about this. A total of 62% of them admit that they have been victims of R-Bombing. And they think this is one of the worst dating practices they have encountered.

The worst thing is, 13% of these single adults have also been victims of “cuffing” after being R-bombed. If you don’t know yet, cuffing is when the other party tries to get back with you during the winter months. They want a partner they can cuddle with during the cold months.

How To Survive R-Bombing

On the average, a single person has been let down as many as five times in the last year by a date that looked very promising. So much so that the generation of today feel that it is impossible to find the “right one” for them. But, being a victim of R-Bombing is not the end of the world. Here are some tips to survive the experience:

  1. Don’t put your heart and soul into one person after a single date. He or she may look promising, but if it doesn’t lead to the second date, don’t fret. Save yourself the trouble. Get back up and move on.
  2. Maintain a high level of self-esteem. If you have a high level of self-esteem, you will not feel bad about R-bombing. At most, you will just say that the other person is rude, but you will not be hindered with continuing your life.
  3. Keep healthy friendships with both sexes. Maintaining friendships with both sexes will give you a healthier social life and you won’t fall down so hard if you were R-bombed.

We all experience pitfalls in dating, including R-bombing. The most important thing is not to dwell on it and move on. For more tips, check out the rest of the blog.