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The gorgeous Filipina that's causing a sensation in the modeling world.

This Gorgeous Filipina Is The Latest Asia’s Next Top Model

If you have never heard the name of Maureen Wroblewitz before, you are welcome. Be sure that you will hear her name a lot from now on, as the 19-year old girl is the gorgeous Filipina who just won the 5th cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model show.

The Gorgeous Filipina’s Journey To Fame

Maureen Wroblewitz is a model who has been moving around the world from a young age. The impressive girl began modeling when she moved to the Philippines from Germany at the age of 18, after she was discovered by a modeling agent on Instagram when she was just 15. She was born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, but moved to Germany at the age of 12.

The gorgeous Filipina stood out.

Maureen captivated everyone with her strong features.

The 168cm-tall girl found fame as the Philippines’ representative on the fifth season of Asia’s Next Top Model, which she ended up winning. In fact, Maureen is the first ever Filipina to be crowned the winner of the show.

An Emotional Time That Was Totally Worth It

The picture-perfect girl with the strong features found competition really fierce, with many even going so far as to characterize some of the other contestants’ behavior towards her as bullying. During the game, she wasn’t afraid to voice her concerns about lacking the height to be a top model, winning over the audience for her candidness.

Before the announcement, during the last episode of ANTM, Maureen dedicated all her efforts in the competition to her mother who passed away when she was just 11. “She would have been so proud,” said the emotional girl.

The gorgeous Filipina was afraid she was too short to win the competition.

The 168sm tall girl thought she was too short to be a top model.

A Bright Future Ahead

In her last photo shoot in a costume that represented her country, Wroblewitz was breathtaking in a sparkling white mestiza gown that she accentuated with pearls.

“You delivered that quiet confidence, which showed that you have been soaking up everything we’ve been telling you, that you’ve been taking everything in and just completely laid it all out for us. And I am so, so happy to see that,” Cindy Bishop, a professional model who was one of the ANTM judges, told Wroblewitz.

The gorgeous Filipina stuns with every photo.

Maureen has lived a life of many changes but refused to give up on her dreams.

As a prize for her win on the show, Wroblewitz signed a contract with popular London-based Storm Model Management. She will also appear on the cover of Nylon Singapore’s online edition and feature in very high-profile fashion campaigns.

With her stunning looks and soft-spoken but determined personality, this gorgeous Filipina, Maureen Wroblewitz, is set to take the world by storm. Remember her name.


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Sologamy is a sad new trend.

Sologamy, A New Type Of Relationship Everybody’s Crazy About

Even if the word Sologamy doesn’t ring a bell for you, it sure does for more and more people out there who decide to buy an actual ring and commit to themselves, in the new trend that seems to be slowly taking over the world.

What Is Sologamy?

A good 24 years ago, a woman called Linda Baker married herself in celebration of her 40th birthday, practically starting the trend that is now called Sologamy.

Simply put, Sologamy refers to a person’s decision to commit themselves to…themselves. It’s a ceremony celebrating your decision to love, cherish, and stay true to your own self.

The commitment can be a quiet and completely private moment by yourself with a candle and a mirror, or a traditional type of wedding with a dress or suit, a wedding cake, a formal reception with guests, and vows to love yourself for better and for worse.

Jumping on the Sologamy bandwagon, Japanese travel agency Cerca Travel offers to organize the whole event for single women wishing to marry themselves for a whopping £2,500. In their own words, they made this package “to encourage women to have positive feelings about themselves”.

Their customers get to choose their gown, hairstyle, and bouquet and the two-day “solo wedding” package includes a limo, accommodation in a hotel and the all-important photo album that will guarantee it’s a memorable experience.

What Makes People Turn To Sologamy?

As with all controversial issues, Sologamy has both staunch supporters and passionate critics.

In a society where we are constantly forced to be paired up, some people claim that Sologamy is a solemn act of protest. Those who have been unlucky in love; those who no longer believe in human connection and feel disappointed in romantic relationships, turn to Sologamy seeing it as an almost revolutionary act, a decision to go on in life believing they are their strongest ally and friend and have no need to look for love and understanding elsewhere.

On the other hand, there are those who lament the self-centered society that we’ve become, protesting that there is no sense in marrying your own self. In a world where we are taught to be competitive, selfish, nihilistic and introverted, the act of committing to your own self is proof that we are losing the will and power to love each other, to commit and to put our trust in someone other than our own selves.

We, at AsianDate, believe there is no greater revolution than loving each other. There is the great risk of being hurt, it’s true, but there are lessons to be learned, experiences to be gained, a life to be shared. And as one of the greatest minds ever, Albert Einstein, pointed out:  “Life isn’t worth living unless it is lived for someone else”.

These relationship first are definitely going to be noticed by her.

The Most Important Relationship Firsts All Women Notice

You know how women like to celebrate the more subtle things and pay attention to details that generally go under most guys’ relationship radars? Well, don’t get caught unaware. We’re here to help you recognize the key relationship first she will definitely care about.

Surprise Her By Recognizing These Relationship Firsts

We’re not talking about first dates or the first kiss. Take your relationship game up a notch and raise the bar by recognizing these cute-and-subtle relationship firsts before even she does.

The first time you held her hand

You may think the first important milestone is the first kiss, and we’re not saying it isn’t important, but be sure that when you held her hand for the first time she felt chills down her spine. A romantic and quite innocent thing such as hand-holding was the first moment of intimacy. For her, it sure meant a lot.

The first time she introduced you to her folks

A moment that is full of fear for you is an exciting moment for her. When we’re in love, girls can’t wait to introduce their loved one to their family, seeking their approval and acceptance. Even when you’re not sure you like them, remember to be a gentleman and try your best for her. She will notice.

The first time you hung out with her friends

Similarly to her parents, perhaps even more importantly, she will be eager to introduce you to her mates. When you have met them and get to hang out together and have a good time with them, she will absolutely love the experience of having you all there. Make a good impression on her friends and make her the happiest girl ever.

The first movie you saw

This is a first you may not pay much attention to, but she definitely will. The first film you get to see together – whether at home or at the cinema – is a milestone she will expect you to remember when you are gray and old.

The first time you attended a social event as a couple

Being a couple that goes out for dinners and drinks is one thing, but being the guy who accompanies her at her cousin’s wedding or Christmas office party is another. Women like the feeling of making things official, and it’s an unwritten rule that when you accompany a girl to a social event, you are serious about her.

You may think that paying attention to these subtle relationship firsts is daft, but taking the time to understand how ladies think and how they appreciate moments in your relationship might, indeed, make you enjoy some of these moments more yourself.

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Alexa is the proof that mixed race relationships produce beautiful children.

The Supermodel That’s Living Proof That Mixed Race Relationships Are The Best

In an era where there are not many models that can stand out for being unique, Alexa Chung is the ultimate “it” girl, the girl that doesn’t follow the rules; she makes them. Let’s meet this amazing woman who is the proof that mixed race relationships can produce the most beautiful results.

The Most Convincing Argument For Mixed Race Relationships In The Form Of A Gorgeous Girl

Alexa Chung is arguably today’s most popular model. Her breathtaking looks along with her quirky and talented personality have won her a place in every major fashion show, magazine cover, music festival, TV show, and bookcase.

Beautiful Alexa is proof mixed race relationships have great results.

Alexa’s Parents

Born on the 5th of November 1983 in Hampshire, England, Alexa is the daughter of Gillian Burgess and Phillip Chung. Her mother is British, while her father is Chinese. What is so fortunate about Alexa is that she has been blessed with the best features from both ethnicities, making her face a unique blend of features that work incredibly well together.

She once told beauty blog Into The Gloss: “I’m mixed race — I’ve got half-Chinese hair, half-Caucasian hair — so it’s very fine and naturally bends as it dries.”

Mixed race relationships never seemed like such a great idea.

Alexa’s Rise To Fame

When she was just 16, Alexa was scouted in the comedy tent of Reading Festival. She started modeling for a number of teenage magazines, did a number of commercials (among some of them for Fanta, Sunsilk, and Sony Ericsson) and appeared in video clips for The Streets, Westlife, Reuben, and Holly Valance. She also appeared in a show called “Shoot Me” on Fashion TV.

Following her TV success, it was onwards and upwards for Alexa, who became the face of major fashion houses, such as Mulberry (who even named a bag after her), Lacoste, Longchamp, and walked the greatest catwalks for fashion houses like DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Stella McCartney, and Chanel.

The British girl also likes to party and has made a name in the celebrity circles of being a party animal, often seen in music festivals, parties, and clubs. Her (huge) circle of friends includes many of the greatest names in the music and entertainment industry.

Who can be against mixed race relationships when the result is so beautiful?

Standing Out

The one thing that really set her apart has been her own personality and sense of style. Alexa hardly ever provokes with her appearance, preferring to look cute and feminine and mixing garments and styles in a way that works perfectly for her, making her a style icon in her own right.

In fact, you will see her name on best-dressed lists, and very often in the front row at fashion shows. In December 2010, the British Fashion Council presented Chung with the British Style Award which “recognizes an individual who embodies the spirit of British fashion and is an international ambassador for the UK as a leading creative hub for fashion” at a ceremony at the Savoy Theatre in London. In the following years she has consistently been a winner in prestigious fashion awards like the British Fashion Awards -at which in 2011, 2012 and 2013 Chung won the British Style Award, voted for by the public.

When mixed race relationships end up making such a beautiful creature, who would oppose them?


Not content with simply being a pretty face, the stunning lady has been involved in a number of projects, from hosting to writing books (she has written two so far) and to making her own fashion line, ALEXACHUNG.

Personal Life

Living between London and New York, the British beauty has been linked to a number of celebrities. Her most talked about being with famous musician Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys from 2007 to 2011, and Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard (of “True Blood” and “Big Little Lies” fame) for the past 2 years. Alexa doesn’t like to discuss her personal life, but she has said that she has a real fear of dating: “I have a pathological fear of dating. If someone says, ‘Do you want to meet for dinner?’ I’m like, ‘Is that a date?’ and then usually, if they’re funny and get it, they say ‘No’.”

Alexa Chung proves that mixed race relationships are beautiful.

This beautiful, smart, talented lady who has the wisdom and logic of her Chinese father and the wit and humor of her English mother, is the living, breathing proof (if proof were needed) that mixed race relationships are a great idea.

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