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Good Women Will Never Fight Over These Petty Issues | Asian Date

Good Women Will Never Fight Over These Petty Issues

How do you know if you have a good woman on your hands? Definitely, you’re going to think about ladies who have loyalty, are caring or loving, and very understanding. For sure, these are the basics. But, are there other parameters you can use to identify the good women out there?

Good Women Stir Clear Of These Trivial Matters When In A Relationship

Actually, there are a lot of parameters that you can consider. However, the best ones might just come from the future things that you don’t fight over. You see, good women don’t want to fight about trivial matters. They either just let it slide or they talk to you about it in a way that both of you can reach a resolution. So, what exactly are these trivial matters that good women don’t want to fight about?

1. Different Interests

There are people who would like to think that them and their partners have all of the same interests. That’s why an argument arises whenever the person they are with doesn’t want to attend a class or watch a specific movie with them. Good women know that different interests are good. Instead of fighting about it, good women embrace it.

2. The Past

Naturally, before you went into the relationship you’re in, you had other relationships before it. So did your partner. It’s absolutely absurd to be overly angry about former flings and past situations whenever the topics arise. It’s acceptable to feel jealous, but overly angry? No, that’s just petty.

3. Spending Time With Others

Good women understand that men need to be with their friends or families just as they do. It’s possible for them to get jealous when you’re not paying too much attention to them, but they will never stop you from hanging out with people who are also important in your life.

Good women are independent enough to hold their own. Their happiness doesn’t rely on you. That’s why, when you want to be your own self, they don’t mind. When you do a tiny mistake, they forgive you for it. If you have a good woman on your hands, never let her go. For more tips about dating and relationships, read other posts on our blog.

Refreshing LDR Tips That You Have Never Heard Of Before | Asian Date

Refreshing LDR Tips That You Have Never Heard Of Before

When you have been in a long-distance relationship (LDR) for a number of years, you may feel like you’ve already gone through all of the LDR tips online and in books. Well, think again. We bring you the essential LDR tips that you may not have encountered before.

New LDR Tips That You Definitely Should Remember

Long-distance relationships are tough, that’s no secret. But, if both people really want to make the relationship work, it’s going to take some time, effort, and creativity. With all the LDR tips that you have already learned and applied, you can add the following to your list:

1. Celebrate Every Holiday

Most LDR couples choose to visit each other during special occasions and holidays. Yes, you definitely don’t need an excuse when you want to see the person you care about. But, visiting during the holidays makes everything a bit more special. This is why it’s important to celebrate the holidays together as much as possible, even the ones that are not as important as Christmas or the New Year. St Patrick’s Day is a good example.

2. Work Towards The Same Goal

Set a goal for yourself and your partner. Then, you can achieve it together. For example, losing X pounds. Every other week, you can talk about the goal and update each other on your progress. Setting the same goal helps you stay focused, and it sure helps with passing the time.

3. News And Updates

For sure, you and your partner have made it a habit to share what’s going on in your lives. For example, you often talk about and update each other with regards to your careers. Here’s something that you can add to this habit. Instead of just updating each other on what’s happening in your lives, talk about what’s happening around you. It’ll help keep you up to date with your surroundings as well as your partner’s surroundings, making you feel more connected.

As mentioned, LDRs need a lot of work, but it’s not impossible to maintain this kind of relationship. Add these three tips to the ones you’ve already mastered to make your long-distance relationship a more stronger. For more LDR tips, read our blog.

The Reason Why Your Girlfriend Is Always Bringing Up The Past | Asian Date

The Reason Why Your Girlfriend Is Always Bringing Up The Past

If your girlfriend is always bringing up the past whenever you have an argument, you’ll definitely feel annoyed. In fact, what you feel could be more than just annoyance. You could feel angry because nothing you do is ever good enough. All the good things that you have done will never outweigh the bad stuff you did in the past. Does this sound familiar?

The Healthiest Way To Deal With A Partner Who Is Always Bringing Up The Past

Definitely, you are not alone. Plenty of women do this but this isn’t to say that only women have this habit. Some men in relationships do this too. Essentially, here are some of the reasons why your girlfriend is always bringing up the past:

1. No Validation

Your girlfriend may not feel like you have understood her point and her feelings fully. She always brings up the past because she wants you to understand. Just like you, she feels just as frustrated because you never seem to get it.

Healthy Solution: Stop talking and actively listen. Name your girl’s emotion and repeat, in your own words, what she is trying to say. For example, “I know that you feel angry and frustrated. I understand that you felt like I wasn’t giving you enough time before, but now I am fixing it.”

2. She doesn’t feel like the past problem was repaired.

When the past has already been fixed, it shouldn’t be brought up anymore. Another reason why your girlfriend is always bringing up the past is that, to her, it may not have been fully dealt with.

Healthy Solution: Ask what the best solution is. A healthy discussion of what needs to be done in order to fix the problem should be executed. Discuss why your girl feels like the problem wasn’t fixed, and decide on the best solution to move forward.

3. She needs you to do something.

Your girl can sometimes feel insecure in a relationship when you have done her plenty of wrongs in the past. She could still be bringing up what you did before because she needs you to hug her, open up to her, or console her.

Healthy Solution: Ask your girl to express what she needs. Once she shares it with you, do your best to meet her need. It’s that simple!

Bringing up the past is not fair to you, but you can never ignore how your partner feels. This is why it’s so important for you to work together to get through this issue. For more tips on strengthening relationships, check out more of our blog.

A Checklist Of What You Need To Do Before Breaking Up | Asian Date

A Checklist Of What You Need To Do Before Breaking Up

Nobody wants to go through a breakup.  It’s a painful process that most of us would rather avoid. However, there are times when it is necessary, making everything all the more confusing. When do you know if a break up is the final solution? Is there a checklist that you can refer to before breaking up?

Before Breaking Up, Do These Five Tasks

Yes, we’ve made an easy to follow checklist so that everyone can make the right decision before breaking up. This checklist was specifically designed to allow you to think about your decision, whether it is worth doing or whether there is something that’s still worth fixing:

1. Think about why you were attracted to each other.

Most likely, you are thinking of breaking up with your partner because the spark is no longer there. When you have arguments in this emotional state, it’s easy for you to just let go. Stop right there and backtrack on your memories. What made you and your partner attracted to each other? Are those qualities still there?

2. Break your routine.

Do you feel like things aren’t what they used to be? Do you feel bored in your relationship? If so, you and your partner need to make an effort to break from your routines. During the beginning, you have always done something new together, so why not do it now?

3. Assess the baggage that you’re carrying.

The way you feel right now might be due to your past experiences in your other relationships. You have to think long and hard if your desire to break up is because of the baggage you’re carrying. Once you have, you’d have to deal with your baggage. For example, if you have trust issues because you’ve been cheated on before, you have to talk to your partner about your suspicions in your current relationship.

4. Identify your own fears.

Sometimes, it’s not our partner’s fault that we feel like the relationship is not worth it. We may have our own issues that we must resolve. A good example would be the fear of intimacy. You might need professional help to get over this fear, but the most important thing is that you are doing something about it.

5. Try disarming yourself.

Arguments can be very heated if we go into it with the perspective of acting offensively. Before breaking up, try resolving issues in a way that’s calm. If you look at the situation from a place of understanding and compassion, you will eventually learn how to deal with your anger in arguments. This could save your relationship, and could help your partner change for the better.

Relationships need work, we all know that. If you think that there’s still something to save, do everything you can to salvage your love. For more tips on how to fix broken relationships, read other posts on our blog.