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Avoid Heartbreak And Getting Scammed By Following These Tips | Asian Date

Avoid Heartbreak And Getting Scammed By Following These Tips

In your pursuit to meet beautiful Asian girls online, what has been the biggest lesson you have learned? For many, the biggest lesson is to be more vigilant to online scams. There has been plenty of campaigns for online safety. Asian Date has even put out several articles for both members and potential members to practice safe online dating. However, there are still a good number of people who did not avoid heartbreak and getting scammed despite the tips and warnings.

Steps You Can Take To Avoid Heartbreak

Sadly, the one skill that we lack when we are faced with a person who can potentially scam us is awareness. We aren’t really aware of what the tell-tale signs are. Actually, even if we are aware of the red flags, we don’t acknowledge them because we are smitten. Also, it’s possible that we turn a blind eye because we don’t want to lose something that we feel is real.

Is It Real In The First Place?

Here’s what we need to realize. When we feel like something is off, there usually is. If you feel like your date is being real, you shouldn’t have that feeling of warning in your gut, right? So, you should definitely question, no matter how long you have been chatting, if it is real in the first place.

Undeniable Signs Of A Scam

To avoid heartbreak and getting scammed, you have to watch out for signs. Do not ignore them if you want to be safe as you date through the internet:

1. Sending Money

This is the most common online dating red flag there is. Scammers will say anything and everything to get you to send them money. There’s an emergency, I need to pay off a loan, my life is in danger.

2. Demanding Gifts

Another scheme that was popular this year was the exchange of gifts. A scammer would send you a cheap gift from the sidewalks, then he or she would demand something more (much more) expensive in return.

3. Generic Messages Found On Sites

If you feel like your date’s message or poem sounds familiar, then maybe you have already come across is somewhere. Maybe you saw it as a quote in photos, or you may have even come across it on sites that compile generic messages commonly used by scammers.

What To Do About It

You may think that you are educated enough to spot these signs. However, the sad truth is, there were plenty of people who have high educational attainments that fell prey to scammers. They did not avoid heartbreak and, on top of that, they got scammed for their hard-earned money. Some proactive steps that you can follow are:

1. Do Due Diligence

Do your research. See if your date’s name appears somewhere on the internet. You don’t have to be a private eye to validate someone’s details. Better yet, sign up to an online dating site that approves the profiles of their members through an interview.

2. Refuse To Send Money

No matter what the circumstance, never send money. Even if your chat mate says that it is a matter of life and death.

Avoid heartbreak and keep yourself safe by acknowledging these tips. For more tips on online safety, read other posts on the blog.

To Ask A Girl On A Date, You Must Go Through Seven Steps | Asian Date

To Ask A Girl On A Date, You Must Go Through Seven Steps

Most men think that asking gorgeous women out on a date is difficult. Well, it is if you lack the experience and do not know the process. Yes, there’s a process to it. To ask a girl on a date, it will require seven steps. And men are usually not familiar with the steps you have to go through.

To Ask A Girl On A Date Require More Than Asking A Question

Plenty of us think that asking someone out is as easy as popping the question. No, asking is just one of the steps. There are actually a few of the stages or steps for you to go through before you pop the question:

1. Research

Before you ask someone out, you have to make sure that the person is actually single. Do a bit of research by visiting her social media profiles. Of course, when you’re online dating, it is assumed that a person is single. It doesn’t hurt to double check though.

2. Gauge Her Interest

When you have confirmed that someone is, indeed, single, talk to the person. Chat, in the case of dating online. See if she is interested.

3. Make The Scene Conducive

Timing is everything. Make sure that the woman you’re chatting with is in a good mood. If you’re doing it online, make sure that you are going to video chat at a place that’s not too noisy.

4. Looks Are Important

Be presentable. You don’t have to wear a suit or something fancy, but make sure that your hair is combed. Your shirt should be clean, of course.

5. Be Confident

Must up as much confidence as you can so you will sound great when you pop the question.

6. Prepare A Basic Script

What are you going to say? Make sure you have a basic script in place so you don’t stutter or lose the attention of your potential date by mumbling.

7. What Will You Reply?

When you have her “yes,” you have to reply again. Your reply has to reveal your plans. Where are you going? Are you going out for dinner or just coffee? What time and when is the date happening?

As you can see, to ask a girl out requires preparation. In the unfortunate event of being rejected, don’t think much of it. The best thing to do is move on. Definitely, it’s possible for you to skip a few steps, but if you want to have a better chance at a yes, then you really have to do the work. For more dating tips and reviews, read other posts on the blog.

domestic partnership AsianDate

What You Need To Know Before Entering Domestic Partnership

There are plenty of ladies online who are serious about finding a committed relationship. Some are so serious that they may even consider entering a domestic partnership with someone who they got to know. Of course, they do it as the next step of a relationship that can potentially lead to marriage. However, do you consider yourself ready for such a big step?

Domestic Partnership Is A Big Step That You Should Think About First

Yes, domestic partnership is a big step. When you are enamored with someone, it’s easy to just push through with it. But, there are so many things to consider before you actually take the leap. This is especially true when you met your partner through online dating. For example, is your partner going to leave his or her country and move in with you? Here are other things you should think about:

Your Space Isn’t Your Own

If you’re a person who values his or her own personal space, you should think twice about domestic partnership. Of course, if you can be flexible, then great. But, if you don’t want to mess up your setup at home, it’s best to rethink the move.

You’ll Have Other Responsibilities

It’s not just you who’s living in your home or apartment anymore. You’d have to take care of the person you are with. Of course, your partner is going to do his or her role. But, expect that you will have new responsibilities to face since you’re not alone anymore.

Your Partner Will Be With You 24/7

Waking up with your partner next to you is such a great feeling. However, the downside to this is that you will no longer have the privacy you had before. Definitely, your partner will be willing to compromise on doing some alone time, but it won’t be as before.

Be Open To Making Changes

Are you open to making changes in your space? Do you have the right perspective of domestic partnership? If you are ready for the changes that will come, then you may be ready. However, if the thought of changing everything (including your lifestyle) scares you, then it is a red flag.

When you are alright with all of the above, then you may be ready to take this step. If you’re not OK with one or two items on the list, you have to reconsider entering into a domestic partnership. You may not be emotionally prepared, or intellectually and financially ready to take the next step. Consider holding off moving in together until you are 100% sure that you can handle everything that comes with the move. For more online dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.

What Is Emotional Agility? And, Why Is It So Important Today? | Asian Date

What Is Emotional Agility? And Why Is It So Important?

How do you deal with your emotions? Do you keep them to yourself or do you share them with someone? No matter how we deal with what we’re feeling, we have to get through the negative ones quickly. For example, if we are feeling sad, we need to make sure that we are not stuck in this state. One way for us to do this is by improving our emotional agility.

Dealing With Negative Emotions Is Easier When We Develop Emotional Agility

Emotions are inevitable. We are not robots, after all. The good emotions we feel are great, but it’s the bad ones we have to deal with. This is where emotional agility comes in. So, what is it? It is the ability to manage your inner experiences mindfully and productively.

This ability allows us to feel emotionally safe. And, whenever we feel this, we can show ourselves compassion. Instead of being critical with failures, we have the ability to show ourselves some kindness. In this social media era where we need to air out our aggressiveness for the world to see, emotional agility is useful. It’s handy to overcome rejection from online dating as well.

How To Improve Your Emotional Agility

Some of us are already emotionally agile. We may be born with it. However, for those who feel like they don’t have this yet, here are the ways for you to practice being emotionally agile:

Be Aware

You may think that you are already practicing self-awareness, but if you cannot come to terms with difficult situations, think again. Be open to experiencing negative emotions and even difficult situations.

Distance Yourself From Your Emotions

There’s power in your words. For example, if you say “I am sad,” then you become that emotion. However, if you say “I feel sad,” it activates your readiness to take the next step in your emotional resolution. Next, find out why you feel the way you are feeling. If you’re sad, it’s because you may be overwhelmed.

Take Action

When you figure out the reason behind your emotion, then solve it. To resolve your sadness, for example, you have to take bite-size pieces of the problem instead of swallowing it whole.

Move Forward

Don’t just take action. Supplement that action with something that can reinforce the goals you want. If your goal is to feel less sad because of stress, then take a break. Or, take up a hobby that gets your mind off of work.

Emotional agility is a great way for us to cope with everyday stress. As mentioned, we can apply this ability to different aspects of life – work, dating, and everyday living. For more tips about self-improvement, read other posts on the blog.