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The Type Of Love That Could Save Any Relationship

Did you know that there are different types of love when in a relationship? More specifically, there are seven. Whatever your specific type of love is right now, it can reveal a lot about the dynamics of your current partnership. There are couples who operate with a type of love that’s flourishing, but, there are also those who operate under the type of love that’s destructive.

The Type Of Love That Produces The Highest Relationship Satisfaction

In any case, it’s always beneficial to identify whatever type you have so that you, as a couple, can work on your problems. Before we go any further, let’s briefly identify the types of love, as well as their meanings. As mentioned, there are seven:

  • Infatuated – a kind of love that’s high on passion only. It’s usually observed or experienced in whirlwind romances.
  • Fatuous – a kind that’s high on passion and commitment, yet low on emotional connection. Most long-term couples have this kind of love.
  • Empty – this type is very unfortunate. Empty love is high on commitment only. This means that a couple is staying together with emotional disconnectedness and without physical desire.
  • Compassionate – this kind of love can also be seen in a long term couple. Most likely, people who experience this kind of love may have been friends before they became a couple. Thus, this relationship is high on intimacy and commitment, but not exactly hyper when it comes to passion.
  • Romantic – romantic love is very common. The intimacy and passion in the relationship is high, but future plans may be a little blurry as commitment is at a low.
  • Liking/friendship – this kind of love will have a couple feeling very connected. The two people may not have had physical contact or a strong desire for each other, and future plans have not been inserted into the conversation yet. Mainly, this type is high on intimacy only.

From among the types, several psychological researches say that intimacy and commitment contribute to the satisfaction that couples feel. Passion can also be another key element to a well-balanced and happy relationship. This means that you need to work on all three elements: intimacy, commitment and passion, and there actually is a type of love high on all three components.

It is called a consummate love and you are lucky if you find it.

What To Do When You Are Running On Empty Love

There is still hope when you feel like your love has already been emptied. It’s a case of putting in effort into the relationship to fix it. That’s why it’s essential to really take a good look at your relationship and assess it with honest eyes. It’s not too late. Ending the relationship will not always solve the problem. Seek counseling if necessary, and do the best that you can to open your relationship up to intimacy, commitment and passion. For more dating and relationship tips, read more from our blog.