MIT Experts Say Online Dating Produces A Better Marriage

It’s no surprise that online dating has been accepted into society. Couples that met through online platforms, like AsianDate, are not ashamed to say so anymore because meeting a boyfriend or girlfriend online has been widely accepted as a norm. If the acceptance wasn’t enough, a new MIT study seems to suggest that a better marriage can emerge from dating someone online.

How Can Online Dating Result To A Better Marriage?

First off, the study revealed that online dating actually has a big impact on society. Since the creation of dating sites, from the late 90s to early 2000s, the number of interracial marriages have increased. The researches admitted that the data doesn’t really pinpoint to that conclusion, but the numbers do indicate the likelihood of it.

This tells us that society has diversified. So what does this have to do with a better marriage? A lot, apparently. By extension, the diversification of our society has made us more open-minded, accepting and ready to find love in new ways.  This leads us to another result from the study.

Aside from the increase in the number of interracial couples, the results also revealed that couples who have met through dating sites, or even apps, have had lower rates of marital breakup or divorce. The documentation of the study was not clear as to why couples who have met online or through dating apps have a lesser chance of divorce, but it could, possibly, be attributed to society’s change of perspective.

Before There Was Online

Before online dating, folks were more comfortable meeting their spouse or partners through friends. Blind dates, introduction during gatherings or parties, fixed dates and the like were the norm. Couples who met through this means were most likely of the same class – same race, same educational background, and so on. Birds of the same feather, flock together, right?

So, this trend was disrupted when dating through the internet became mainstream. This doesn’t exactly explain the lesser percentage of marital break ups but, most likely, since people’s mind were opened to new possibilities, their hearts were also opened to the  idea of a more compatible partner who’s outside of their own class.

This isn’t to say that a better marriage cannot emerge from a couple who met offline. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that the findings are interesting. Share this post to those who have always wanted to try online dating. We also have more posts for you to check out on our blog.