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Easiest Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s already Halloween! Do you and your partner have your costumes already? If not, it’s not the end of it all because you can still whip up a witty couple’s costume that can catch attention at parties with this list of Halloween costume ideas. What’s great about this list is that you can DIY your costumes in a jiffy, and still have enough time to make the party.

Easy To Do DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Of course, you don’t have to dress up when you go to the parties you’re planning to attend. However, Halloween only comes once a year. When else can you dress up like a scary monster or a super hero, right? We suggest the following costumes:

1. Peanut Butter And Jelly

Perhaps, the most commonly known of all the sandwiches is the peanut butter and jelly combo. What you can do is take a brown shirt and a red shirt. Simply label the front of the shirt with “Peanut Butter” and the other one with “Jelly”.

2. Where Are The Waldos?

Have you ever seen the Waldo activity books? It’s a kid’s book that requires you to find Waldo among the sea of people. Waldo wears a striped shirt, red and white, a bonnet and glasses. If you have striped shirts already, all you need are glasses and bonnets.

3. Lumber Jack Couture

Why not dress as lumber jacks? All you need are denim jeans, a bonnet, suspenders and plaid shirts. Your partner can spice it up by wearing denim shorts and boots. You can do the same by showing your lumber jack muscles in a tank top and suspenders.

4. Zombies

Zombies are probably the easiest monsters to dress up as because it only requires tattered clothes and a bit of makeup. If you have old clothes with you, just rip them up. Put black eye shadow under your eyes, mark your cheeks with lipstick, so they look like fresh wounds.

5. Vampire Couples

Thanks to movies like “Twilight”, it’s much more believable for us to dress up like vampires with regular clothes on. We can do away with the capes. Dress in black, use black eye shadow to deepen your eye bags and then apply red lipstick on the sides of your lips so they look like blood dripping.

Now, wasn’t that easy? Putting together all the costumes on this list will probably take you a few minutes. You and your partner will be ready to go out partying as a monster couple in no time. For more dating and relationship tips, check out other posts on our blog.