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You Need To Watch Out For Dating Recyclers

Everyone knows that it’s good to recycle. It’s great for the environment and doing so helps us fulfill our social responsibility towards Mother Earth. But, in dating, Elinor Greenberg, Ph.D, an Associate Editor of Gestalt Review, used the word “recycle” in a different light. She came up with the term: Dating Recyclers.

Understanding Dating Recyclers

Let’s define the term first. According to Dr. Greenberg, dating recyclers are narcissistic men and women who tend to cycle through the roster of their lovers. They avoid confrontations and they highly value being with someone who is predictable. Most often, they don’t pursue new lovers because their needs are met with the roster they currently have.

How do dating recyclers operate?

The word roster was mentioned because this is exactly what a recycler has. Overtime, this type of dater would collect a number of people for their rosters. What they, then, do is start with the first person on the list. Once a recycler feels that his or her ego has been damaged, or if he or she is just plain bored, the next step is to move on to the second person on the list. The damage or boredom happens again, so the recycler moves on to number 3 on the list. The cycle goes on and on.

According to Dr. Greenberg, when the lovers don’t notice anything, the pattern can go on forever, but, in most cases, lovers do find out. They either leave the relationship or just settle with the idea.

Is it bad to date a recycler?

As mentioned earlier, recycling is a negative dating pattern that narcissists follow. It’s good to be open to other types of dating – an open relationship, for example. However, with dating recyclers they don’t really go into this type of relationship with full honesty. They just keep it to themselves until lovers find out. So, to answer the question, yes, it’s a bad idea to be in the roster of a recycler.

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