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These Words Are Slowly Destroying Your Relationship

Phrases like ‘you mean nothing to me’, ‘I hate you’, or worse, ‘I don’t love you anymore’ are pretty blatant. They all tell the person you’re talking to that you want out of the relationship. Despite the harshness of these phrases, they are better compared to others that are slowly destroying your relationship without you knowing it.

Here’s How You’re Destroying Your Relationship Unconsciously

It’s not that we are saying that the phrases mentioned above are ‘good’. We’re saying that they are straight to the point. They convey a very clear message without allowing the other person to think of other meanings. But, we’re not here to talk about those words today. We’re here to talk about words or phrases that are destroying your relationship. You might even be saying them on a daily basis:

This is all your fault.

Does this sound familiar? Pointing fingers could be one reason your partner loses interest in the relationship. Always pounding on the blame to the other person without acknowledging your part in the conflict could make your partner feel diminished.

You’re useless.

Another sentence that you should avoid saying is this. Again, it makes your significant other feel that they are worthless and that you don’t appreciate anything they do. You’re destroying your relationship with just a few words.

You need to do this. You need to do that.

To you, these phrases may sound harmless. ‘You need to be more outgoing’ sounds like it can do no harm, but think again. Saying sentences that start with ‘you need to…’ means that the other person in the relationship needs to make specific changes based on your opinion. Your opinion could be wrong or offensive, you know.

Why don’t you just do A, instead of B?

You’re offering advice which is great, but the problem here lies in the finality of your sentence. You’re destroying your relationship by suggesting something you came up with yourself. What you’re doing is shutting down the opportunity to talk to your partner to resolve things in a better way.

We all struggle with our relationships. No union is perfect, but if we strive to become more sensitive and see things from a perspective of love and nurturing, it’s not just ourselves who will reap the benefit of becoming a better person. We could be uplifting our partners as well. We have more relationship advice on our blog so make sure you check out the rest of our posts.