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How To Become More Interesting To Other People

Whenever we go on a date, we usually assume that the other person will do everything that they can to get to know us better. This is just half true because there will always be people who will find us uninteresting. We also need to remember that there are people who find it difficult to start an interesting conversation because of their personality. Is there any way around this? Is it possible for us to do something to make us more interesting to other people? AsianDate gives you some tips.

Tips On How To Make Yourself More Interesting To Other People

There are actually a couple of techniques that you can make use of, not just for when you are on dates but, for when you are meeting people in general. These techniques will make you shine more as a person and, as a result, there’s a higher chance of making yourself more interesting:

1. DO NOT Focus On Yourself Too Much

The first mistake that we make is that we focus too much on ourselves. Initially, it is needed during introductions, but after that, you should talk about yourself less. Of course, you can always insert some nice facts about your hobbies or work here and there, but it shouldn’t take up the entire conversation.

2. Observe Social Cues

Because you are no longer focused on yourself only, you can shift your focus to other things like social cues. Observe how the person you meet moves, observe how the other person responds to what you’re saying and then act on. For example: if the person you just meet is showing interest on a certain topic, talk about it more because the response is a positive one.

3. Show Genuine Interest

The best way for you to catch a person’s attention is to show genuine interest in what he or she is saying. Maintain eye contact, make sure that your body language is open (do not cross your arms or yawn), and do follow up questions. Doing all these will make the other person feel like you’re investing your interest in them. Most likely, they will reciprocate.

It’s going to take a few tries for you to apply all three tips in a natural way but practice makes perfect. For more dating tips, check out the rest of our blog.