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This Is What The Fear Of Breaking Up Can Do

Do you always experience the fear of breaking up? It’s inevitable when you’re in a relationship. Although no one wants to break up with their special someone, we cannot ignore that there’s always the chance of the partnership not working out. Maybe, this is why most of us can’t get over the fear of breaking up. However, even though the fear is present, you shouldn’t focus on it because it affects your romantic relationship in a very negative way.

The Effects Of Focusing On The Fear Of Breaking Up

Every time you focus on the fear of losing your partner, or the fear of the end of the relationship, your attention shifts away from the happy things that are currently happening in your love life. These are the following effects:

You Become Clingy

Because you’re focused on the chance of losing your partner, the tendency is for you to do everything you can to keep him or her. So, even if your partner doesn’t necessarily need or want your attention, you give it anyway. This can get very annoying and it’s likely that your partner will feel suffocated.

You Lose Interest In Your Partner

You will likely reach a point in your relationship where you’re going to lose hope. If you heavily concentrate on the end of your relationship then what’s the point of working to better something that won’t last a long time?

A Study That Backs This Up

A study that was published in the journal of Motivation and Emotion involved studying couples who were already in a romantic relationship. They were divided into two groups. The first group was given the statistics of the list of failures in their relationship, while the second group was given false feedback about the breakup with their current partner.

The results were very surprising. The study found that couples who moderately experienced the fear of breaking up bettered their relationship in a number of ways. However, couples who experienced a higher level of fear were found to have reduced positive feelings in their romantic relationship.

The bottom line of all these is that the fear of breaking up will always be present, but this shouldn’t be your main focus when you are in a relationship. Focus, instead, on developing your bond with your partner so that your blossoming love will last longer. For more tips on improving your love life, read more from our blog.