Travel Guide: Seoul (Part One of Two)

When it comes to movers and shakers, Seoul has more than just about any other Asian city. A center of Asian and intercontinental commerce, the South Korean capital is just one of those places where things are always happening. And in addition to business affairs, Seoul has more than its fair share of tourist attractions, historical sites and nightlife hot spots to keep any traveler entertained for their entire stay, no matter how long. Time to get out there and do some Seoul searching (sorry).

Things to Do


1 bugaksan

Kill two birds with one stone by getting tastes of Korean history and the Korean outdoors with a trek along the Bugaksan mountain trails. You’ll see the 15th-century gates on the ancient fortress wall, and you’ll now be able to visit the Seoul Fortress itself, since it reopened to visitors less than ten years ago. You’ll have stunning views at every point in your hike.


2 itaewon

Find fellow travelers along with full-on expats in this busy neighborhood, which features cafés for your morning coffee, restaurants for lunch and dinner, bars and clubs for late-night, and shops selling just about anything you could be looking for. We’re not saying you should spend a whole day in Itaewon; we’re just saying you could.


3 glam

At the heart of Itaewon is Glam Lounge, the most versatile nightlife spot in the city. Locals say that it’s the perfect late-night spot to bring a date or business client, or that you can just fly solo and meet people in a relaxed atmosphere. Chill house music keeps things low key, and a horseshoe bar in the middle of the lounge makes for an open, comfortable space.

Check back next week for Part Two of our Seoul Travel Guide.