How to Survive Your Long Flight to Asia (Part 1 of 2)

Most flights to Asia will easily be upwards of 10 hours long, and it can be a struggle to stay comfortable and sane for such a long period of time on a plane. Here are three tips on how to get your vacation or business trip off to the best possible start. More to come next week!

Upgrade to First Class

first class

Upgrading your seats to first class typically isn’t cheap, which is why it’s not something most people do every time they fly. But if there ever were a time to splurge for a more comfortable option, flying to Asia is that time. The comfort and sense of tranquility that you get from a large seat and premium service really adds up over the many hours of a trans-Pacific flight. And if you’re a frequent flyer, the upgrade may be less expensive than you think.

Dress Comfortably


You may have a business meeting when you land, but that’s over 12 hours away. By the time your plane touches down, your suit will be wrinkled and sweaty. Put on something comfortable—not sloppy—and then take the time when you land to freshen up and put on some nicer clothes. You’ll be glad you did, and so will everyone around you.

Watch What You Eat


Simple and familiar is always better on a long flight. You’ll probably be chomping at the bit to taste all the delicious Asian cuisine, but wait until you’re off of the plane. Not only is airline Asian food probably inauthentic and definitely substandard, but unfamiliar dishes can give you unpleasant digestive issues that will make for a long flight. Avoid caffeine, too—there’s a good chance that you’ll want to catch some shuteye during your voyage.

Check back at the beginning of next week for three more essential tips on how to survive your flight to Asia.