How to Survive Your Long Flight to Asia (Part 2 of 2)

Last week, we provided you with some tips on how to board an airplane and make it all the way to Asia in one piece. We’re back with a few more:

Keep it Moving


It’s important to keep your blood flowing, so you need to make sure you get your whole body moving periodically during your flight. One good way to do this is to frequent the bathroom, which is something you’ll probably be doing anyway. Another option is to just stand up and hang out in the aisle for a few minutes. Considering the length of a flight to Asia, your fellow passengers will understand—and maybe even join you.

Catch Some Shuteye


Easier said than done, we know. But if there’s ever a time where you’re gonna be able to doze off on a plane, it’s on a 14-hour flight to Shanghai. Practice some minor sleep deprivation in advance, so that you’re nice and tired. Once on the plane, use a blindfold and earplugs to block out unwanted noise and light to make conditions a little more cave-like. Still having trouble falling asleep? A good old fashioned nightcap can work wonders.

Fight Jet Lag


Don’t get too much sleep, though—you want to be somewhat tired when you land. If you can, schedule a flight that lands in the late afternoon or at night. That way, you’ll easily be able to go to sleep at a relatively normal time and thereby get a head start on adjusting your sleep schedule. If you have the misfortune of landing in the morning, do your best to stay awake until the evening. Tempting as it may be to take a quick nap, keep in mind that a quick nap can easily become a not-so-quick 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. snooze.

Realize that no matter how daunting a long flight to Asia may seem, it will be worth it once you get there. You have a stay on the world’s most beautiful continent ahead of you, so make the most of it!