Four Asian Cultural Festivals You Can Go to in North America This Year

For those of us who are enthusiasts of Eastern culture but are stuck in the West, it can be hard to get our desired dose of Asian culture without taking a flight around the world. Fortunately, the remainder of 2015 will feature many events that celebrate Asian art, food and music, right here in North America. Check ‘em out below—there’s something for everyone.

Taste of Asia Food Fest, June 26-27, New York City, NY

taste of asia


The 7th annual occurrence of North America’s largest Asian food festival will be as big as ever, bringing authentic and delicious Eastern cuisine to Times Square. Connoisseurs of Asian food and rookies alike will dig the outdoor festival’s lively environment and the mouth-watering food being served up by NYC’s top chefs. If you’re in the Big Apple at any point in June, keep an eye on Asian restaurants—many of them are offering discounts throughout the month.

Dragon Fest, July 11-12, Seattle, WA

dragon fest

The PNW’s premier Asian cultural celebration will once again take place in Seattle’s vibrant Chinatown this year, offering up lively performances, history tours and a food walk in an open-air environment. It’s a must-visit if you’re anywhere near Washington, including Vancouver and Northwest Canada. Oh, and about that food walk? It costs $2.

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, July 18-19, Denver, CO

dragon boat

As always, CBDF will be a prime spot to watch dragon boat racing. Never heard of dragon boat racing? Typically short-distance speed races, paddlers work furiously in elaborately-decorated boats like the one pictured above to out-sprint their opponents to the finish line. It’s an adrenaline filled competition and definitely something every Asian culture enthusiast needs to see in person.

San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival, Oct. 22-25, Nov. 1, San Fran, CA

south asian film

Like many West Coast cities, San Fran has a thriving Asian population and culture scene. So what better city to host a South Asian film fest? The festival will showcase both the best indie films and some Bollywood flicks, so you can get your artsiness and beautiful, dancing women all in one place.

There are so many great ways to experience Asian culture, even when you’re thousands of miles from Asia. Did we skip your favorite festival or event? Let us know in the comments!