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A Supportive Partner Isn’t Supposed To Act Like This

In your relationship, you look for a supportive partner who treats you as an equal. It is not even a want, it is a need of every person in a relationship. After all, you would not want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t support you in your dreams and endeavors.

How To Tell When You Don’t Have A Supportive Partner

It’s sad to think that maybe our partner isn’t as supportive as we think but, nevertheless, we need to know so we can make some changes. Here are some signs and situations that indicate that you don’t have a supportive partner for your endeavors, even in your desire to find healing and wholeness:

1. Doesn’t Care About How You Feel

When you feel down or depressed, your partner cannot tell. Usually, our partners do find it hard to identify negative emotions, but if your partner doesn’t even care to know or doesn’t see that there’s a difference in your behavior, then it may be a subtle indication that they don’t support you emotionally. He or she even assures people that you are okay even if you are not and you have already repeatedly told them about your condition.

2. You Are Reluctant To Share Anything

When you have gotten to a point where you don’t want to share anything – how you feel, your achievements and other victories, and so on – it may be because your partner doesn’t give you the responses you would expect from a partner who shows love and support.

3. Unaffectionate And Indifferent

Do you know the meaning of “meh”? It’s a term used by the younger generation to describe a situation that’s neither good nor bad; a situation that one might feel indifferent about. Do you feel like your partner is just “meh” towards you? That’s probably because he or she really is.

If you don’t have a supportive partner, it could really be hard on you. Review your partner’s actions and see if you spot these signs. It may not be too late. Have a one-on-one talk with him or her to get to the bottom of what’s happening in your relationship. For more tips, read the rest of our blog.