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Stop Scams From Happening To You With These Tips

The internet has given us so much convenience but many people have also been victimized by fraudulent schemes. How do you deal with these online scammers? There have been so many tips provided to us to stop scams from happening. We must listen to these tips because they are basic precautionary measures.

Stop Scams By Heeding These Basic Safety Tips

There will always be people who are on the lookout for individuals to prey on. If you remember this every time you do online dating, you’ll always handle it with necessary caution. Stop scams with these simple tips:

1. Don’t entertain requests to move/send money.

Your bank or financial officer will never contact you out of the blue through email, ask for your PIN, full password, or security details at the back of your card. They will not ask you to move money to another account. So never give out your personal details through these means.

2. Don’t click on links or files.

You may receive a warning email saying that your online account might have been hacked and you need to click the link or download the file attached to correct it. It’s just a way for the fraudster to access your personal or financial details through a software. To keep safe, never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text. Report this email as a phishing scam.

3. Do not reveal personal information.

When asked about personal information unnecessarily, don’t give them out. This is most likely a scam. If you are really in doubt, call your bank directly and ask about this situation. For example, someone calls you saying he or she is from your bank and would like to get your details because you have been awarded a new credit card. Use the public number that is publicized by the bank.

4. Don’t just assume an email or phone call is authentic.

People just assume that an email or a phone call is authentic because the sender or caller knows some basic information. Criminals are actually becoming better, so you have to be wary of who you trust. Do not make verification where you reveal your security information.

5. Don’t be rushed or pressured into making a decision.

These scammers are pressed for time. They are taking advantage of you using the element of surprise or fear, especially in a call. Do not make hasty decisions. Tell them to give you a number where you can call back. If they do not give you an option for a callback, then most likely it is a scam. If ever they give you a number, check it against the company’s publicly listed number.

Stop scams from happening to you. It can be a simple step as not making hasty decisions and not being too trusting. For more safety tips and advice on meeting someone online, check out the rest of our blog.