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Signs You’ve Officially Lost Your Identity In A Relationship

There are people who love so passionately and are so engrossed in their partners that they lose themselves in the process. It is never good to abandon your individualism and what makes you unique as a person just because of a relationship. Don’t wait before you have completely lost your identity.

You Have Lost Your Identity If You Spot These Signs But It’s Not Too Late

As mentioned, we get too wrapped up in our relationships or in the people we date that we fail to see what’s really going on. First, you have to shift your focus, then look within yourself. See if you can spot the following signs:

1. You are always talking from the “we” perspective.

You no longer remember who does what. Whenever you talk to your friends, your point of reference is always “we”. You have clearly removed the “I” from the picture.

2. You are pressured to do things.

You will know when your partner is already taking over your life when you are pressured to follow his or her wants. You feel that you are no longer free to make choices so you just allow your partner to make decisions for you.

3. You are always annoyingly lovesick.

When you are in a new relationship, your lovesick antics may be quite refreshing and considered adorable by your friends. But if it exceeds three or fourth month period, it can become annoying to your friends and it will just go to show that your world is completely revolving around your partner.

4. You want your partner to tell you who to be.

You have reached a point that you no longer want to make decisions for yourself. It seems that you have lost all your self-worth and confidence to pursue your dreams and passions. Or maybe, you have become complacent. So you just let your partner think of ideas and make decisions for you.

5. Your partner is all you ever talk about.

Do you find yourself talking about your partner so much that your friends are starting to notice? Chances are, you have totally given up on yourself.

When we get into a relationship and eventually settle down, we do give up some things and compromise some things in order to accommodate a partner in life. But, we do not give up on ourselves to the point of losing our identity. That is not a healthy relationship. Keep yourself in check before you totally lose your identity in the name of your relationship. For more AsianDate advice, read other posts on our blog.