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You Should Never Again Tolerate These Relationship Behaviors

Did you know that we have several negative relationship behaviors that we deem as normal? We see these actions as non-threatening or trivial. But, the truth is, it’s causing our relationship to deteriorate without noticing it. Of course, there are no perfect relationships but we still need to keep a watchful eye on our partner’s actions as well as our own so our relationship becomes stronger.

Relationship Behaviors We Should All Get Rid Off Today

For all of us to know and understand these harmful relationship behaviors, we’ve compiled them into a short list. See if you can spot any of the habits in yourself and your partner:

1. Consistent Unreliability

Most of the time, when our partner says that he or she has forgotten to pay the light bill again, we just shrug it off. This seems like a normal setting, right? However, what we don’t see is that our partner’s consistent unreliability can cause us chronic stress. We don’t know if our partner will be able to come through for us when we need him or her the most. On the other hand, could the unreliable one be us?

2. Dismissing Emotions

Do you think that your relationship creates a safe environment for you and your partner to say what they feel or what they’re thinking? For you to know, think back at all of the arguments that you have had. Have you or your partner had the chance to say your parts? If not, this is an area that you need to work on as soon as possible. You never want your partner to feel like they don’t have a voice, or that they’re not important enough to be heard.

3. Counting Favors

Relationships are all about team-work. Well, at least it should be. For example, a couple needs to divide the chores in the house equally. However, there will come a time when one person needs to pick-up the slack of the other. It’s great when the person picking up the slack doesn’t count this as a favor. But, if it’s the opposite, it’ll be hard to feel that support and unconditional love is present in the union.

All of these relationship habits are rotting your partnership from the inside. It’s time for things to change and we all need to start today. For more tips on relationships, read other posts on our blog.