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Healthy Ideas That Help Give Your Partner Enough Space

More often than not, we think that we need to leave our partner alone when he or she asks for space. This could be true depending on what our partner needs. However, giving space doesn’t always translate to letting our partner be. There are other healthy ideas that we can follow in response to our partner’s need for a bit of distance.

Healthy Ideas That Allow Your Partner To Have Plenty Of Breathing Room

We always feel intimidated whenever we hear the word space because we always take it negatively. This is the first problem we have – we think that when our partner asks for a bit of distance, we feel like it is our fault. We feel like we have to step out of the equation. We don’t necessarily have to. First of all, we need to stop feeling like this. When we have adjusted our perspective of space, here are a few things that we can do instead:

1. Be Encouraging

Instead of feeling like it is your fault, encourage your partner to take some time off. For example, if your partner wants some space because of immense stress, you can say, “Take all the time you need. Or, I can give you a massage, if you want.”

2. Do Something On Your Own

Your partner might be asking for space because he or she simply wants to recover their individuality. Maybe it’s time that you do the same thing as well. What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to? Grab this moment spend some alone time too.

3. Share Your Emotions

Before you do this, remember that you have to change your negative perspective on space. When you have done this, let your partner know how you feel when he or she asks for some time apart. Be honest, but don’t get too emotional at the same time.

Among all the healthy ideas here, you have to remember that communication is the most important thing when your partner asks for space. Aside from changing your perspective about it, you have to focus on the reason behind the request. You might have to address the reason or the root itself, but remember to approach things with a positive perspective. For more tips on how to improve your relationship, read other posts on our blog.