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Spot Lies Online With These Dating Profile Red Flags

Everyone is into online dating or app dating these days, but not a lot of people are keen to protect themselves as they find love on the internet. We are more than willing to just share our information with strangers that we just met through the mentioned platforms. Are we even sure that they are who they say they are? We need to open our eyes to dating profile red flags.

Dating Profile Red Flags We Should Never Ignore

There are so many profile red flags that we should watch out for. Most of the time, we can actually feel something in our gut. We feel like something’s not right but we can’t put our finger on it. Well, these signs should confirm everything you’re feeling:

1. Bare Dating Profile

There’s a reason why an empty dating profile is one of the biggest turn-offs for online daters. How would you be interested in a person if you cannot read anything about them on their profile, right? So, watch out for those who have no content on their dating pages or those who put in just a little amount of effort to develop their profiles.

2. Generic Words

Does one person’s words on his or her profile sound familiar to you? It’s likely that you might have read it somewhere already. Those who have very generic content on their profiles might just be making stuff up. One would definitely know if a description sounds generic, repetitive or even familiar.

3. Unusual Contact

Scammers usually contact random people out of the blue. If you receive a random message from someone, then you have to be careful. If the message is hello or hi, then it’s likely a person interested in you, but if the message contains a link or something that you need to click on, block the person right away.

It could be a scammer who is trying to hack into your profile to get all your personal and financial information.

4. Something Fishy About The Photos

You have to browse through each photo that your date posts. Are they too filtered? Are they inconsistent or blurry? Then you should be careful. A person who doesn’t want to post his or her face clearly on a dating site could just be looking for the next victim.

5. What He Or She Says Don’t Add Up

Does the person you’re chatting with say that he or she is a doctor but when you ask about a specific medical term, they don’t know what to answer? It’s one of the biggest dating profile red flags you can encounter.

It’s time to take your online dating safety seriously. If you ignore the dating profile red flags, it’s likely that you could be talking to a scammer or a person who has insincere intentions. Make your safety a priority by practicing awareness. Do share this post if you found it helpful, and don’t forget to check out other posts on our blog.