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How Is Anuptaphobia Affecting Your Love Life?

Most of us are familiar with different phobias – phobias from snakes, the dark, and even heights. However, there’s one phobia that has something to do with our love life. It is called anuptaphobia and it, basically, means being scared of being or staying single, leading you to remaining unmarried or being married to the wrong person.

Anuptaphobia Is Hindering You From Finding Love

This phobia has grown rampant and it seems that no one is safe from it. Probably everyone in this generation is being affected by anuptaphobia. You might also be experiencing it without even knowing. So, how is this condition affecting our dating pursuits and love life?

  • It lets us believe that we will never be happy without someone in our lives.
  • We are not comfortable being alone so we settle with whoever we meet.
  • Marriage is something that we worry about.
  • We stay in relationships that don’t work.
  • We feel inadequate most of the time.

All of these are symptoms of anuptaphobia, and this is why the fear of being alone hinders us from finding true love. It doesn’t allow us to come to terms or even discover our true selves or our happiness. We solely depend on another person for the joy we feel. We should never live our lives like this. What’s the solution?

How To Get Over Your Anuptaphobia

It is not going to be easy because overcoming a phobia never is. But, you know what they say: to get over your fear, you must face it or look it straight in the eye. This means that you have to try to be alone. See how it feels like and how it suits you. You never know what you’re going to discover.

During your alone time, make sure that you work on yourself. Don’t just focus on being alone and doing nothing because this is going to augment your loneliness.

It is going to be a scary experience at first because it’s just going to be you. But, take it one day at a time and you will do fine. Make sure to share this with someone who needs it. For more dating tips, be sure to read more from our blog.