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These Subconscious Signals Tell Your Date You’re Not Interested

When we are on our a date, it’s not always rosy. You have this new person in front of you who you are either going to welcome or shun in your life. When we are really interested in someone, we tend to act all awkward during the date. We don’t realize that we may be sending subconscious signals that say we are not interested even though we are.

Possible Subconscious Signals That Our Date Can Misinterpret

It’s common to make the mistake of sending the wrong cues especially if you’re nervous. the way you act may feel ok to you, but if you’re not aware of them, you might not get another date. Be cautious and avoid making these subconscious signals that will make your date feel that you are not interested:

Having Closed Body Language

At least half of the first impressions we make are based on body language. If you are genuinely interested in the other person, face them and keep your arms loose. Folding or crossing your arm means that you are putting up a wall between the two of you.

Speaking In A Monotone Voice

After the body language, the next cue will come from your tone of voice. Sometimes, it’s not about the words anymore. Accentuating your words from time to time shows that you are quite interested in the conversation. It doesn’t have to be all-high all the time. Just some nuances in the tone should be enough. It makes you seem more approachable.

Answering Questions Generally

If you usually answer “K” in messages, stop it immediately. Try to avoid single word replies when having a face to face conversation with your date. If you do this, you will be sabotaging your time together. Try to be more open and offer more words in your answers. Unless, of course, you want to ditch your date early.

Setting A Negative Tone

Leave negativity at home. It is boring to talk about your woes, especially on the first date. While the initial outing is really for getting to know each other, settle for light topics. The deep-seated baggage will have to be disclosed when you both are more comfortable with each other.

Check yourself against these subconscious signals. These might be the ones that are ruining your dating life. Please know that you won’t be able to tell if you’re doing these signals most of the time, so it’s important to practice self-awareness. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.