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Questions That Will Tell You Everything About Someone’s Emotional Health

As you are exploring the dating scene, remember that the success of a relationship is largely dependent on the emotional health of the persons involved. Generally, psychologists believe that it cannot be healthier than the state of the weakest partner.

Determine Your Partner’s Emotional Health With These Questions

Researchers have found out that a majority of the marriages that end in divorce have an emotional deficiency in at least one of the partners. So, if you want a happy, healthy, and productive relationship, you have to find a partner whose emotional health is also flourishing. Get to know your potential partner’s emotional health by evaluating him or her through these questions:


Does the person consistently tell the truth? Integrity is very important in any relationship. A person who lies, even if it’s only from time to time, shows a character flaw. The lying can escalate in time, especially if the person gets away the first few times.

Handling Pressure

Does the person become angry when overwhelmed by everyday frustrations? As grown-ups, we should be able to deal with simple frustrations that occur in our daily lives. If the person explodes at the slightest provocation, think about your daily life as you build a home.

Putting People Down

Does the person belittle you or other people? That is a bad sign. He or she will slice off a chunk of your self-esteem every day.

Addictive Behavior

Does the person have some addictive behaviors? It can be anything, not just drugs. It can be alcohol or gambling. The person knows that what he or she is doing is wrong, but they would be willing to do everything to cover up whatever wrongs they are doing.

Isolated Lifestyle

Does the person keep to himself? This lack of connection to other people may be a sign of intimacy problems or being excessively guarded. That would pose a problem for the two of you later on.

Being Bossy

Is the other person bossy and demanding? These people are control freaks and demand that others follow them. They are not willing to compromise. If their preferences are not followed, they will freak out and the whole plan will be ruined. You don’t want to live with such a negative person.

The emotional health of a person will greatly affect your relationship. Don’t think that you can change the person because you love him or her. More often than not, you will be the one who gets changed for the worse. For more online dating and offline dating advise, read other posts on our blog.