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Helping Your Partner Get Over Your Past

When we get into a relationship, we cannot hide the fact that we carry baggage with us. Some are more colorful or heavier than others. Although your current partner accepts you for who you are, he or she might need a bit of help to get over your past when you are one of those with extra colorful and extra heavy baggage.

Your Partner Can Get Over Your Past In A Healthy Way

We cannot help what happened in our past relationships or past dating exploits. It doesn’t matter if we have already come to terms with our previous life if our partner, still, cannot warp his or her head around it. We’re still going to have a rocky relationship. Remember, this is the present and your potential future. If your current partner is having issues with your well-celebrated, previous flings, this is how you can help:

1. Do not make contact with your ex.

Whatever the reason, don’t send a private message to your ex. It might lead somewhere and the past might be rekindled. If you do this, you will be up for a guilt trip. When your current one finds out, you will be in so much trouble. If there is something really important, go through other channels. You don’t want to complicate your current relationship.

2. Do not allow your ex to flirt with you.

If by chance you meet your ex again, don’t allow him or her to flirt with you, whether or not your current lover is with you. Stand your ground and keep your ex at arm’s length. Do not give in to temptation, even if it’s something as harmless as exchanging numbers. Your lover will surely not enjoy this.

3. Reassure your mate.

Appreciate how happy you are to be in your partner’s arms or company. Tell him or her how you are satisfied with the relationship. Your partner will feel more loved with the emotional affirmation.

Having a colorful past can complicate your current relationship. But, if you value your current lover and you are projecting a future together, do everything that you can to make the reassurance that your past will not haunt you anymore. Help your partner get over your past effectively. For more tips to strengthen your relationship and for dating, read other posts on the blog.