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How Using Dating Apps Changed The Way We Date

For the last five years, our dating life has never been exciting and vibrant. Thanks to modern technology, using dating apps has filled our single existences with plenty of possibilities. If we wanted a date during Friday night or merely someone to chat with, we can with a tap on our phones.

Using Dating Apps Has Influenced Our Lives In The Following Ways

We cannot hide the fact that things are different now in the realm of dating. Years before, we would usually meet dates through friends’ recommendations – called a blind date. Or, we would meet people in bars, pubs or cafes. Now, we don’t even have to meet people personally to say that we are dating. All we have to do is connect and communicate consistently online. Using dating apps has brought us so many changes:

1. We have become super efficient in selection.

Perhaps the number one change that using dating apps have given us is accessibility to millions of single people around the world. You can open your dating app anytime, anywhere, and you are presented with every available date of your preference. The number of dates that we can schedule is actually at our fingertips. We can do it even several times a day. Imagine the convenience and efficiency.

2. We become more confident.

Because of the so many choices presented before us, we no longer have to worry if we had an awkward first date or we got rejected. We can hone our dating skills and find another date. If we learn from our mistakes, the dating game just keeps getting better for us. The more you do it, the better you become at it.

3. We’re getting good at getting dumped.

Yes, nothing is perfect, we can get dumped. So what? You can do it all over again and pretty easily, too. So people have sort of developed a thick face when receiving rejections. While it was so bad back then, we can now easily shrug it off and charge it to experience.

While dating apps have made meeting people more convenient, we should all remember that there is no substitute for hard work. Yes, you can instantly meet dates with just a few taps on your phone, but a real relationship isn’t instant at all. You still need to do the groundwork if you’re really serious about a person you met online. For more dating tips, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.