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Is It Alright To Bail Out When You Don’t Like Your First Date?

Everybody is excited about first dates, especially when it is with someone we met online. It’s like chatting for days, weeks, or even months. Then, you feel that mutual connection and you decide to have your first date with this person. Everything looks promising. But, what do you do when the anticipated spark did not ignite on the day that you met? Would it be alright to bail out on your first date?

Dealing With The Lack Of Chemistry With Your First Date IRL

Everyone probably goes through this at one point in their life. They hit it off with one person online, only to find out that the attraction is missing when meeting in real life. In most cases, people bail out which, admittedly, can save time and effort. But, it’s not the way to go. Instead, try these tips out when you are faced with an eminently bad first encounter:

1. Remember that the other person, though not exactly your type, is a person too. So always respect them and don’t think of them as anybody less. They, too, have emotions that you should be considerate of.

2. Try to finish the date pleasantly. If it’s a dinner or a movie date, then try to see through it and if possible, remain pleasant.

3. Be kind. No matter how bad your first date is, you will never go wrong with kindness in your words or actions. This proves true as well if you are asked for a second date and you don’t want to go anymore – speak the truth but do so with kindness.

Drastic Actions Necessary

The points above are for your first date who just didn’t live up to your expectations. But, remember that those do not apply when the other person is rude, violent, saying remarks that go against your basic principles, or making advances that you don’t like.

When they become demanding, you can politely excuse yourself. Of course, there is still the word, “politely”. There is no point in making a scene. We live in a digital world where people tend to take out their phones and record videos whenever there’s something (or anything) happening. Your bad first date may turn into a viral video that will make you embarrassed for years on end.

The point of all of these is to give the other person a chance. Even if it’s not for romantic companionship, you’ll never know who this person is until you sit down and try to have a good time despite the lack of chemistry. For more tips on dating, check out the rest of our blog.