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When Being Too Nice Becomes Bad For Your Love Life

“Nice” – it’s a common adjective we hear to describe someone’s attitude. Generally, being nice is something positive. Nobody can form friendships or relationships with unpleasantness (the opposite of being nice). However, when niceness becomes too much, it can actually be bad for your love life.

Niceness Is Bad For Your Love Life Because Of Your Tendency To Become A Push-Over

Isn’t it ironic? Many of you are probably wondering when did being too nice become a bad thing. But, think about it. When a person becomes too nice, this person can become predictable. Here are other reasons why the saying “nice guys or gals finish last” ring true:


Yes, being too nice can be boring. You don’t have a strong opinion on anything. You may be agreeing with everything your partner is saying just because you don’t want him or her to be offended. But, remember that arguments are like spices in a relationship. Without them, everything will just remain stagnant and completely boring.


When you are too nice or agreeable, your partner will find it exhausting because he or she are the only one doing the navigation in the relationship. You are just tagging along for the ride since you’ve totally given up the rein to your partner.

Doesn’t Feel Genuine

Sometimes, when you are too nice, your partner may think that you are just faking it. Or worse, they might think you are not really into the relationship. People feel it’s impossible for one person to be nice all the time. So, your partner or your future date might just think that you’re being too nice because you want to get what you want.

Prone To Abuse

Another reason that being too nice can become bad for your love life is when you encounter an abusive partner. They will take advantage of your weakness and your kindness to forcefully take as much as they want from your life, including your finances.

There is nothing wrong with being nice. In fact, most people could see you as also being kind and easy to talk to. However, when you take it to an extreme, your niceness might get you into more trouble. For other tips on self-improvement, check out other posts on our blog.