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Do These Actions And You’re Sure To Make A Bad First Impression

We never want to make a bad first impression but, sometimes, we just can’t help it. We get sucked into the moment and we forget about being aware of the actions we make and words we speak. Although we don’t want to, we end up making a bad first impression anyway.

A Bad First Impression Can Be Avoided By Becoming Aware Of These Tips

There are plenty of rules published on the internet that instruct readers on how to make a good first impression. To add to what you may have already read, listed below are actions that you need to avoid if you want to make a good and lasting first impression on people or dates:

Divulging Someone’s History

Often times, in our attempt to make a connection with someone, we tend to tell the history of other people. For example, we met one person who we have common friends with. In order to have a topic of conversation, we talk about the history of the people we commonly know. We do not realize that this is a big no-no because we might put ourselves in an uncomfortable situation.

Trying Too Hard

In our eagerness to make a good impression, we sometimes do too much. We do too much to the point of appearing obnoxious or just plain boastful. You never want to do too much even if the reason behind acting as such was to impress and not push away.

Hogging Up The Airtime

Do you constantly talk when you’re nervous? Well, you need to be aware of this. Hogging up all the airtime, so to speak, is just a total turn off. Of course, the person you just met or your date wants to speak up too. Learn to identify when you are getting too chatty.

Assuming That The Other Person Will Agree With You

Most of the time, when we have so many things in common with one person we automatically think that they will agree with anything and everything we say. This might not always be the case so never assume that your date or the person you’ve just met will say OK or yes all the time.

If you avoid these actions, you are more likely to get a better first impression. You’re going to need practice, though, especially on your self-awareness. But, you’ll be able to master these tips the more you do them. For more tips on dating, read the rest of our blog.