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Less Obvious Signs Of A Deteriorating Relationship

Everyone in a relationship knows that we all go through stages. There’s the attraction part, the happy phase, the trials, resolutions, and many more. They can even become a cycle. Problems will ever be present as long as we live, however, how do you know when you are in a deteriorating relationship?

Symptoms of a Deteriorating Relationship You Never Expected

Sometimes, it is already very late when you realize that you’re in a deteriorating relationship. Before that happens, check whatever you have right now. Is something happening? If you’re in a bad place, is it worth saving? Or, would you rather opt out because you don’t see a future? If you’re having trouble seeing the problem, check for these surprising signs that your relationship is going down the drain:

Shallow Conversations

You used to enjoy a nice intellectual discussion about different matters. Whatever the topic is, economy, politics, show business, money, faith, or life in general, you enjoy a nice discourse with your partner. It seems that after a talk, you are enriched and you experience a deeper connection because you have learned new insights about your partner. If this doesn’t happen at all anymore, it’s a red flag.

Disagreements That Become HUGE Fights

You used to agree to disagree. You may not have the same opinion about a certain topic but you are fine, connection-wise. But now, a simple argument can turn into a big fight, with both of you shouting at each other, calling each other names, banging doors, or destroying stuff. It is no longer about the topic. It’s just that your deteriorating relationship is affecting your moods and judgments.

No More Spark

When you fell in love, you have felt all kinds of nice feelings from your head to your toes. But now, you realize that your relationship is as bland and dry as unsalted crackers. The spark is easy to rekindle, but both of you have to work on it if you still want to pursue your relationship.

Living Separate Lives

You may still be living under the same roof but you know very well that you are already living separate lives. Even worse – when you no longer communicate what you are doing with your partner because both of you have become disinterested.

Becoming Unhappy

When you have a deteriorating relationship, you are naturally unhappy. Every day, you are excited to get out of the house in order to breathe fresh air. And, then you drag yourself when it’s time to go home because you know that there’s nothing exciting to go home to. Or, you just ignore everything, hoping that it will go away.

These are just some of the things that you can look out for in your relationship. If you answer “yes” to any or all of these points, decide for yourself what you will do about it. For more advice on relationships, read other posts on our blog.