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You’re Not Over Your Past Trust Issues When You Act This Way

It has always been said that trust is the foundation of every relationship. When the trust is broken, it’s almost always hard to bring back. While the relationship may be mended, there is always a degree of paranoia in a person’s mind. The paranoia continues and is carried into the next relationship when past trust issues are not dealt with.

Signs That You Haven’t Gotten Over Past Trust Issues

Most of us think that we’re over all of it and that we’re ready to start fresh. However, it’s hard to repair trust once it is broken. So, how can we tell if we have truly gotten over problems that happened in the past? We have to be mindful if we exhibit the following signs:

1. Clamming Up

When you get to talk to your current partner about the future or about more serious topics, you clam up and not want to pursue the topic. It is especially bad if you become aggressive when the topic is brought up again or pursued further.

2. Triggered Without Reason

Sometimes, you find yourself getting emotional and wanting to lash at your current partner without a valid reason. It could be that the trauma of your past trust issues is haunting you.

3. Pushing Your Partner Away

When you and your partner have reached that stage that you are supposed to bring your relationship to the next level, you push him or her away. You can’t bring yourself to commit, not because there’s something wrong with your partner but because your fear of getting hurt is holding you back.

4. Snooping

You just cannot stay still. You have to find out if your partner is doing something sleazy behind your back. So you check emails, text messages, and where your partner is going and who he or she is with. That’s paranoia.

If you spot any of these signs in yourself, then you still haven’t overcome past trust issues. If you haven’t dealt with them yet, it would be hard or nearly impossible for you to settle down. It’s not that you haven’t met the person of your dreams, but you drive him or her away with your needless worry. For more tips about relationships and dating, read the rest of our blog.