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The Truth About How Long The Honeymoon Phase Lasts

Do you know that most wonderful feeling we encounter every time we fall in love? We feel like we’re flying and everything’s perfect. Yes, things might seem flawless at the beginning, and that’s because our body and our mind are at an all-time high. This is called the honeymoon phase.

When Does The Honeymoon Phase End?

Definitely, the honeymoon phase is probably the best phase in any relationship. The passion is there and the spark is abundant. Both people feel like they are truly loved. Both people feel like this could be the relationship that will stand the test of time. You’re definitely in this phase of your relationship when:

  1. You are constantly showering your partner with compliments. It seems everything he or she does impresses you. Sometimes it can get smothering, but since it’s a new feeling, your partner will feel good about your praises nevertheless.
  2. Outpouring of gifts and surprises. Since you are just starting, you make every effort to make each other feel good. You try to find out what your partner likes and would cook up surprises as often as you can. You buy gifts, sometimes expensive ones, just to impress your partner.
  3. An active level of intimacy. In the novelty of the honeymoon phase, you get turned on with almost everything your partner does.

Is The End Near For The Honeymoon Phase?

The problem with the honeymoon phase is that it doesn’t last. Plenty of us have gone through this already. Most of us end up with broken hearts because we didn’t have a clear view of how our relationship needed to be. The truth is, we only get the “high” for about six months to a year, whether we are in a relationship or married, depending on the couple and how they are handling their relationship.

All the things mentioned above that seem so exciting as a new couple are all brought by novelty but are hardly sustainable. When the euphoria of the honeymoon phase wears off, the couple suddenly finds each other boring. They will look for the spark that was once there, and they are often left disappointed.

At this point, you get to decide what you want to do with the relationship and where you want to go. It’s sad but we have to decide for ourselves if we fell in love with the person or just the idea of him or her. For more knowledge on dating and relationships, check out other posts on our blog and turn more often to AsianDate for help.