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The Communication Hack You Need For Any Relationship

Do you find it hard to communicate with people around you? The thing with communication that not everyone seems to grasp is that it’s more than just talking, or always conveying your thoughts into words. It involves other processes like listening and understanding. Don’t worry, all you need is a communication hack.

This Communication Hack Will Get You Through Difficult Conversations

Don’t feel bad about yourself because you’re a bad communicator. You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t know how to communicate properly. You’re not alone in this, but it’s great that you want to do something about your problem. Here’s a communication hack that will help in any situation.

Follow The 7:1 Ratio

Based on research, you have to use the magic ratio of 7:1. For every seven positive things you say, you are allowed to say one negative thing. This simply means that you have to say more positive words rather than negative ones. Images of brain scans show that when a person is criticized, the part of the brain that lights up is the fight or flight area. People respond to criticism as if they were in danger.

The brain doesn’t process the criticism to safeguard your emotions. Our mind locks it out so we don’t get hurt. From a scientific perspective, it makes sense. All the more from a karma-perspective. If you want good things to happen to you, whether you believe in good karma or not, you have to remain positive.

How To Follow The Communication Hack In Relationships

It’s sometimes hard to be positive with someone you’re sharing your life with. Because we know the person well, we tend to feel complacent. It becomes easy for us to say critical words about the person closest to us. To correct this, we’re going to need a bit of time. This is going to be a habit that you need to develop. Try practicing saying something nice in the morning, afternoon and dinner time. That should get you started.

Don’t worry about all the other processes of communication because once you’ve mastered this, everything will just fall into place, even the status of your relationships. For more tips on dating, read other posts on our blog.