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People Who Live With Reindeers: The Most Magical Tribe On Earth

Do you remember the movie “The Beastmaster”? Judging from the title, you can tell that the main character is the master of beasts. In the film, he commands two ferrets, an eagle, and a black panther. Movies where people can communicate with animals are fun to watch because they’re far from reality. This is, however, just another day in the lives of the Dukha people of Mongolia, humans who live in this magical tribe you will now learn about.

Amazing Pictures Of The Mongolian Tribe Known as Dukha

The Dukha tribe is a group of people who herd reindeer in northern Khövsgöl Aimag of Mongolia. In the Mongolian language, they are known as Tsaatan. The name means ‘those who have reindeer’ when translated. The reindeer is a big part of the Dukha culture. They use the animal as a means of transportation but also use reindeer milk for producing different dairy products, reindeer pelt is used for coats, bags and mats, the skin on the shin for shoes, and the meat for food.

Other Animals They Use

Dukha People - 4 An interesting fact about the Dukha tribe is that they believe they have a spiritual connection with animals which explains how in sync they are with nature and wildlife. Aside from reindeer, they also train wolves and golden eagles to aid them in their hunting. A family or clan that has an eagle is highly esteemed in the community. Here’s a short video for you to see how the Dukha hunts with their golden eagle.

Making A Living

Dukha People - 3 This Mongolian tribe lives off the animals they hunt. They also exchange the animals they’ve hunted for money. The usual amount they receive for rabbits is around 2USD. They also live off the tourist industry of Mongolia. Visitors pay for performances and reindeer rides.



As with most tribes in Mongolia, Dukha live in yurts which are circular tents that have collapsible frames. Yurts are commonly used by nomads of Mongolia, Siberia, and Turkey. Because the Dukha people are nomads, they move around based on what season it is. Their population is getting thinner, sad to say. There are only about 200 Dukha families left according to CNN. They are the last of their kind. For more interesting posts about the Asian culture, feel free to check out more posts on our blog. Save Save