Jasmine at #Gumball3000: Five Things You Need to Know

When the Gumball 3000 rally kicks off in Stockholm next month, the AsianDate #88 1969 Camaro Z/28 will have two absolute bombshells behind the wheel. Today, we’re honored to introduce you to Japan’s very own Jasmine. Here are five must-know facts about Jasmine.

1. She’s an international woman.

Jasmine grew up just outside of Tokyo and lived there until she was 17. Considering that it’s one of the most connected cities in the world, Tokyo exposed Jasmine to a whole series of possibilities. “There are a diversity of nationalities and ethnicities,” she said of Tokyo. “I grew up in a very international town.”

Inspired by the city, Jasmine took off to see the world. In high school, she spent time as an exchange student in the United States. Later, she spent significant time in Latin America. And much of her family is Chinese, so she’s seen more of Asia than just Japan. Needless to say, Jasmine will be right at home when she’s on the road with AsianDate for the Gumball.

2. She’s busy as hell.

Jasmine is a model, an actress and a dancer. And she’s not just one of those girls who says she’s a model, actress and a dancer. Jasmine does work in all three professions for high-profile clients all over Asia. We made sure to contact her months ago to get her onboard for Gumball, because we knew if we waited too long she’d be busy with five other things.

3. She’s an Audi girl.

Even though she digs other cars, too, Jasmine will pick an Audi nine times out of ten. She’s in love with their sexy design, their interior comfort and their smooth driveability that lets her own the road. Full disclosure, though: She might be biased. “I did a TV commercial job for the Audi SQ5 in 2014 in Hong Kong,” she said. “Ever since that experience, Audi’s been my favorite car.”

4. She loves nature.

Remember how Jasmine likes to travel? Well, she doesn’t spend all that time abroad cooped up in hotels watching Netflix. When in Latin America, Jasmine spent over a month backpacking through Cuba, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Mexico. After putting in that kind of work on the trails, we’re pretty confident that Jasmine will have no problem keeping up with the big boys on the road.

5. She likes an active guy, too.

Obviously, a girl like Jasmine who’s always on the move needs a guy who can keep pace. She said she likes American men because “their lifestyles are full of activities, lots of sports, a variety of healthy food and an appreciation for nature.” Of course, even someone as busy as Jasmine likes to slow it down now and again. “Gentleman manners are very important, too,” she said.

Get excited to follow Jasmine while she’s behind the wheel during the rally next month, and check back in later this week to get to know our second driver!